How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Vallejo, California

Vallejo is the largest city in Solano County, located on the northeastern shore of San Pablo Bay. With a population of close to 120,000, it is also the 10thlargest city in the San Francisco Bay Area. In recent years, Vallejo has been noted as a major hub for artists in the Bay Area as well as the whole of California. It is also considered one of the most diverse cities in the entire United States. Despite this diversity or possible because of it, medical marijuana in Vallejo is a complicated subject to broach.

  • What are the current laws regarding medical marijuana in Vallejo?
  • How do I get an MMJ card near me in Vallejo?
  • How does an online 420 evaluation work in Vallejo?
  • Where do I buy legal, medical-grade cannabis in Vallejo?
  • What are some of the best strains of MMJ to purchase in Vallejo?
  • What are some things to do while medicated in Vallejo?

Medical Marijuana Laws In Vallejo

Vallejo’s relationship with medical marijuana has been riddled with ups-and-downs. In 2011, the city was still under bankruptcy and looking for new revenue streams. A ballot measure, Measure C was put to city voters in 2011, seeking approval for taxing existing MMJ dispensaries in the city and passed.

But since MMJ dispensaries were never a legal business according the city municipal code, this meant that Vallejo was now collecting tax from illegal businesses. In 2013, yearlong moratoriums were passed on MMJ dispensaries by the City Council. These moratoria were extended until 2015, and that year the city council decided to shut down illegal MMJ dispensaries, refuse taxes from all existing dispensaries and then create ordinances to issue fresh licences to a very limited number of dispensaries.

An initial proposal to allow two dispensaries was later raised to 4, but existing MMJ dispensaries and cannabis activists successfully blocked this ordinance with a successful veto referendum petition campaign. Vallejo City Council was forced to withdraw the ordinance when to became clear that the city would have to conduct an expensive referendum. A fresh ordinance was passed allowing about 12 MMJ dispensaries to operate under specific conditions within city limits.

Even after Measure C was successful passed, Vallejo police was actively cracking down on MMJ dispensaries in the city in 2012 and 2013. But despite series of raids and numerous cases against dispensary owners, the authorities failed to get any convictions, with almost all cases being dismissed by the courts.

In recent years, Vallejo police have been going after illegal grows in the city. Detectives made a massive meth bust at an illegal pot farm in Vallejo in 2015. Indoor marijuana grow and illegal sales operation was shut down in June 2016. Another huge illegal indoor grow operation was shut down the same year.

A short overview of the city’s various cannabis ordinance changes can be accessed here. According an April 2016 update on the city official website, Vallejo was looking at ways to regulate and legalize cultivation of MMJ within city limits without causing environmental harm or safety risks to neighborhoods. But with the success of Proposition 64, this point has become a bit moot. As of 2017, this is the status of medical marijuana in Vallejo:

Around 12 MMJ dispensaries are legally allowed to operate within city limits, subject to strict regulations and provisions. The city taxes these businesses at 10% of their income. The city also provides limited immunity to licensed MMJ dispensaries. The full details of this can be found in the relevant section of the Vallejo Municipal Code.Now that Prop 64 has been passed, indoor cultivation is legal all across California, subject to the legal provisions. A short overview of those provisions can be found here.

How To Find A Medical Marijuana Card In Vallejo

As is the norm throughout California, to have access to legal MMJ, patients and consumers need a valid medical marijuana recommendation. You can of course find medical marijuana doctors near you in Vallejo that are willing to provide this rec. Though some medical professionals are hesitant to recommend cannabis as a treatment, there are online directories that give reviews of all doctors and clinics in the Vallejo area that are more 420-friendly and willing to write a cannabis rec. Yelp, Weedmaps, and Leafly are great aggregate directories if you are looking for an in-person consultation with a doctor.

How Does Doing Your 420 Evaluation Online Work

Applying for an MMJ card online with Nugg is the easiest, quickest way to get an MMJ rec in California. Via any web enabled device, visit our website and fill out a form with some basic personal and medical information. Submit your application, and it will get forwarded to one of our qualified doctors. They will ring you up in a few minutes to verify your application details. If and when they are satisfied, your application will be approved. It doesn’t usually take more than a few minutes.

Our cannabis cards are the cheapest MMJ cards in the market. You can get a basic doctor’s recommendation for $39. Fork out just a little more and you will get a shiny plastic MMJ ID card. Either way, once payment is made, your MMJ card will be sent to you in PDF form via email so you can immediately start buying legal MMJ in California. The official paper copy of your rec arrives within a few days, but with Nugg, you won’t ever have to wait to medicate.

How To Buy Medical Marijuana In Vallejo

Vallejo is different from most other cities. You actually have tax paying cannabis dispensaries, at least a dozen of them in the city. They are kept under a tight leash (at least on paper) by the city council and you need valid MMJ cards and membership to buy your favorite strains from these dispensaries. But these days you don’t really have to waste your time going to these dispensaries. Nugg is partnered with local MMJ dispensaries and delivery services so you can browse menus and place orders right from the comfort of your home and we offer discreet and speedy door-to-door delivery.

Popular MMJ Strains Near Vallejo

Here’s a list of some of the most popular strains of medical marijuana in Vallejo:

  • Candy Kush
  • THC Bomb
  • Larry OG
  • Tahoe OG
  • SFV OG
  • Chemdawg
  • Durban Poison
  • Sunset Sherbet

Things To Do In Vallejo After Medicating

1. San Francisco Bay Ferry Service

The ferries are the best way to get to the big city from Vallejo. You can just sit back, enjoy the view of the horizon, down a few drinks or have a snack. A great way to kick-start a fun trip to San Francisco, the ferries are a great ride.

2. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

If you happen to feel the need for some thrilling adrenaline rush, this theme park with its many rides is just what your system needs. Only if you can tolerate crowds though. It is a good place to hang out with friends.

3. Empress Theater

Empress Theater is a truly versatile entertainment option. You can enjoy anything from comedy nights to special music acts, movie screening, and stage plays. There is a bar that serves drinks in between acts.

4. Vallejo Farmers Market

Vallejo Farmers Market makes for a peaceful morning stroll on the weekend to buy fresh local produce. It includes everything from fruits to vegetables, eggs, high quality honey and more.

5. Mare Island

Peaceful wilderness trails, pleasant shoreline and abandoned naval base buildings make for an interesting cocktail. It is a great place for a lonely walk or a fun picnic with friends.

And that is all there is to be said about medical marijuana in Vallejo. Except that we hope that more cities follow their suit in California in the near future. We hope you found our guide useful. Don’t forget to check out the city official website for the latest updates on local MMJ laws. Stay safe and have fun.