How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Torrance, California

Located in the South Bay region of Los Angeles County, Torrance’s stance is the same as all the other South Bay cities when it comes to medical marijuana. This city has tried its best to ban all marijuana-related activities within its borders, it is illegal for any cannabis dispensary or cannabis clinics to set up within Torrance’s city limits. Even after the legalization of recreational weed, there have been no changes in this city’s marijuana regulations, at least not yet. We’ll discuss the following topics:

  • Current marijuana laws in Torrance
  • How to get an MMJ card near you in Torrance
  • Where to get quality, medical-grade buds near you in Torrance
  • Suggestions on what strains to buy in Torrance
  • Advice on how to spend a medicated afternoon in Torrance

Medical Marijuana Laws in Torrance

Even though the state of California is touted as one of the most weed-friendly states in the U.S., the city of Torrance is as anti-pot as it can get. A part of Los Angeles County, it strictly follows all the MMJ prohibitions and regulations set forth by the county. In 2006, the Los Angeles County Board passed the Ordinance 2006-0032, which stated that MMJ dispensaries will need a conditional use permit to open in a few specified zones of the county.

However, this lasted for only four years or so. From January 2011, as per County Code Section 22.56.196(B), the LA County put a ban on all the MMJ dispensaries saying that “medical marijuana dispensaries which distribute, transmit, give, or otherwise provide marijuana to any person, are prohibited in all zones in the County”.

In response to the MMRSA (Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act) of California, cities like Torrance enacted stringent medical marijuana laws in early 2016. Even though there was already a ban on MMJ dispensaries in this city, these new laws put a ban on everything, from marijuana cultivation to marijuana delivery.

The reasons cited for these bans by the Torrance city officials are “offensive odors, illegal sales and distribution of marijuana, trespassing, theft, robberies, and robbery attempts, fire hazards, unpermitted construction, and problems associated with mold, fungus, and pests”. It looks like Torrance is using any and every argument possible to ban medical marijuana within the city limits.

Currently, there is a ban on every marijuana activity in Torrance, apart for the cannabis delivery service. Whether this city will change its anti-pot stance now that recreational marijuana is legal, is yet to be seen.

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card Near You in Torrance

Even though Prop 64 legalized recreational marijuana in California, the law does not come into effect till January 2018. Until then (and possibly even after that moment), California residents are required to have a cannabis card to buy medical marijuana from any dispensaries in the state. So where can you get an MMJ card in Torrance, if you haven’t got one already? There are a few different ways to get a state approved medical marijuana card in Torrance.

Finding a medical marijuana doctor near you in Torrance is the tried and true old school way to get a weed card. One of your best options for an in-person consultation is the Healing Touch Alternative Care in Gardena. This cannabis clinic is outside Torrance and has received 5 stars on Yelp. The people who have visited this clinic before have only good things to say about it, and some of them have been coming here for years. New patients are charged $60 for the doctor’s recommendation, while renewals are $40. If you can’t get an appointment at Healing Touch or want to find a 420-friendly doctor closer to Torrance, check out Yelp, Weedmaps, and Leafly for reviewed alternatives.

Your other option is to get an MMJ card online with services like NuggMD. Since it’s done online, there’s no need to book an appointment. You simply have to enter a few personal as well as medical details, and we will connect you with a licensed doctor. These doctors will evaluate your medical condition and decide if medical marijuana can truly improve your quality of life. If your application is approved, you will be emailed a PDF copy of your cannabis card immediately (the hard copy will reach you in 3 to 5 business days). The best thing about using our services is that you do not even have to leave your house. And the icing on the cake–the $39 fee is only charged if your application is approved, otherwise the consultation is free.

Where Can You Obtain Good Quality Cannabis in Torrance?

When you want to buy good quality cannabis in Torrance, you have two options. The most convenient option is to use cannabis delivery services, like the one offered by Nugg. Our website gives you a comprehensive list of all the cannabis dispensaries that deliver high quality medical marijuana in Torrance. When you use Nugg, you can compare the prices of MMJ strains across the different dispensaries on the list. Already decided on the dispensary that you want to order from? Well, the rest is extremely simple – just place an order online and wait for it to be delivered at your doorstep. Plus, if you have used our NuggMD service to get your medical marijuana card, you get $20 credit on Nugg.

However, if you are a people person and want to head out to buy your medical cannabis, you can visit one of the numerous MMJ dispensaries near Torrance. One such cannabis dispensary that has received 4.5 stars on Weedmaps is the Green Light District. The Green Light District or GLD in Torrance is renowned for its professional service and its high quality products. The reviews rave that it’s the best dispensary in L.A. County, and not enough can be said about the knowledgeable staff that are always happy to help. Some of GLD’s top-shelf strains include: Platinum OG, SFV OG, Sour Diesel, and Soul Assassin OG. And, if you refer an MMJ user to GLD, you get a free top shelf gram. They also have a night owl special, wherein if you visit the store between 6.30 pm and 8 pm, you get $5 discount on all the top shelf quarters.

Best Medical Marijuana Strains in Torrance

Why settle for less, when you can buy one of the best medical marijuana strains in Torrance? With a higher concentration of THC, some of the best cannabis strains available in the Los Angeles County are:

  • Green Crack
  • Ace of Spades
  • Kosher OG
  • VIP Punch
  • Snow OG
  • CannaSutra OG
  • Paris OG
  • Hammer OG
  • Gucci

Places You Can Visit in Torrance to Enjoy Your MMJ High

Torrance is located in the Los Angeles County of California, and is home to approximately 1.5 miles of beaches. It’s the perfect city to relax on a medicated afternoon, made better by its sensational cuisine, leisurely shopping opportunities, and uncrowded beaches. The best thing about Torrance may be that it offers the best of both worlds, being removed from but incredible close to Los Angeles. Here are a few suggestions of what to do after taking your daily dose of MMJ:

Revel in the Beauty of Sunsets at the King Harbor Marina

One of the most popular spots on the SoCal coast, King Harbor Marina is a perfect spot to enjoy a beautiful sunset in Torrance. At this marina, you can also engage in various recreational activities such as sport fishing, kayaking, saltwater fly-fishing, and scuba diving. If you are feeling peckish, head to one of the restaurants on this marina. You can choose a live lobster or crab, and have it cooked just like you want it at the King Harbor Marina.

Chill at the South Coast Botanic Garden

Located on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, the South Coast Botanic Garden has been called “The Jewel of the Peninsula”. This botanic garden is home to over 2500 different plant species, some of them from places like the Mediterranean, Australia, and southern Africa. It spans for around 87-acres and also provides shelter to more than 200 species of birds annually. Cactus Garden, Water-Wise Garden, Japanese Garden, Herb Garden, and Mediterranean Garden are some of the highlights of this botanic garden.

Explore Marine Life at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Aquarium of the Pacific is a public aquarium that is located on Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach. Approximately 15 miles away from Torrance, this aquarium is home to exhibits such as Northern Pacific Gallery, Southern California and Baja Gallery, as well as Tropical Pacific Gallery. “Horses and Dragons” is a fun exhibit that displays numerous species of seadragons and seahorses. And at the aquarium there is a moon jelly pool where you can actually touch these gelatinous creatures.