How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Santa Maria, California

With a population of approximately 103,000, Santa Maria is the largest city in the Santa Maria-Santa Barbara Metro Area. The city lies within the county of Santa Barbara, and has since the mid 1800s been a staple in the California landscape since it’s beginnings as a settler-town then called Grangerville. Medical marijuana in Santa Maria follows the trajectory established by similarly sized cities content with keeping MMJ a prohibited activity (despite the state having legalized it more than two decades back). The guide is a quick read and is organized to address the following questions:

  • What are the current medical marijuana laws in Santa Maria?
  • How do I get a medical marijuana card or doctor’s rec near me in Santa Maria?
  • How does an online 420 evaluation work?
  • Where can I buy legal MMJ in Santa Maria?
  • What are some of the more popular strains of medical ganja in Santa Maria?
  • What’s there to do on a sunny medicated afternoon in Santa Maria?

Medical Marijuana Laws In Santa Maria

As was alluded to a bit in the introduction, the road to full legalization of all cannabis (both medical and recreational) has been fraught with difficulties. Proposition 64 was a good step towards making recreational cannabis available to California residents, but it doesn’t go into effect until 2018, and local governments still maintain the ability to prohibit marijuana related activities despite it being legal on the state level. Most cities and counties in the state are taking a conservative wait and watch approach towards regulation or MMJ dispensaries and cultivation.

Santa Maria, for its part, has an explicit ban on medical marijuana dispensaries as per its municipal code, but permits delivery services that operate outside the city limits to deliver to Santa Maria residents. This ban is nothing new for Santa Maria, as it has generally been on the more conservative side of MMJ regulation.

The first MMJ dispensary ban was put on the books in 2013 with Ordinance No. 2013-10. This ban as well made exceptions for delivery services delivering (but not operating) within Santa Ana city limits. In 2015 when the MMRSA was passed by the California legislature, it included a clause by mistake, placing a deadline on local legislatures to pass their own local laws on MMJ.

As such, Santa Maria City Council promptly responded with an update to their MMJ laws in December 2015, called Ordinance No. 2015-16. This new ordinance banned commercial MMJ cultivation as well as well as MMJ dispensaries within city limits.

And in 2016, in anticipation of the success of Prop 64 on the November ballot, the city council passed an emergency Ordinance No. 2016-18, prohibiting all commercial marijuana activities within city limits. This short term moratorium was passed to buy some time to figure out how to deal with the massive changes promised by Prop 64 to cannabis legality in California.

In 2017, this moratorium was extended until August of 2017, as the City Council hopes to have some proposals about MMJ regulations ready by summer’s end 2017.

How do I get an MMJ card near me in Santa Maria?

It doesn’t matter if you plan to buy 420 from a dispensary storefront or an online delivery service, you will require a valid doctor’s recommendation to purchase cannabis legally in the state of California. And there is hardly any compelling reason not buy an MMJ card these days, since it’s cheap, relatively easy to obtain and protects your from legal complications in many situations.

Obtaining an MMJ card in Santa Maria (and California in general) is as easy as locating a medical marijuana doctor near you wou would be willing to write you a rec. These doctors are generally found at one of the many cannabis clinics throughout California (though some hold office hours). If you prefer an in-person consultation to get your MMJ rec, Yelp, Weedmaps, and Leafly are excellent resources that offer reviewed and rated directories of 420-friendly doctors near Santa Maria.

How does an online 420 evaluation work?

The whole process in incredibly simple and streamlined. Just visit our site to start your marijuana card application. You’ll be prompted to fill out some intake forms which will be forwarded to one of Nugg’s licensed doctors. Don’t worry, it’s nothing too intrusive and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to fill. Once the doctor has reviewed your information (s)he will call you for your tele-consultation. This is in complete compliance with HIPAA as well as California state telehealth laws. If the doctor is satisfied, (s)he will approve your MMJ card request.

We offer a basic doctor’s recommendation for just $39, and payment is only processed if your application is given the green light. For a few dollars more, you can opt for a compact and durable plastic MMJ ID card. A PDF copy of your card is emailed to you as soon as payment is received. You can use this document to shop online at our Nugg platform legally. If you want to buy from a local dispensary storefront, you will have to wait a few days for the official paper copy of your rec (and you ID card if you go that route) to arrive in the mail. In under 30 minutes you’ll have access to all the legal MMJ you could ever need!

Where can I buy quality MMJ in Santa Maria?

The city has bans in place on MMJ dispensaries and cultivation so if you are enjoy the experience of being in an MMJ dispensary storefront, you’ll need to drive to a neighboring city with open (and legal) weed dispensaries.

Since delivery services are permitted in Santa Maria, and you’re already online, it’s really a no-brainer for the best and quickest way to get legal MMJ in the city: delivery with Nugg. Nugg is the best service out there in California. With our robust and easy to use online platform, we have partnered with over 80 MMJ dispensaries from all over California. You can browse menus from an extensive list of MMJ dispensaries that deliver Santa Maria (and anywhere else in California). Order your favorite strains or edibles from the comfort of your home and experience our lightning quick yet discreet doorstep delivery. Once you use Nugg, you’ll never use another service to get your medication.

Popular MMJ Strains Near Santa Maria

Despite prohibition on commercial cannabis, Santa Maria does have some similarities to similar cities in the Santa Barbara region, namely, the popularity of certain strains of flower. Here’s a quick, non-exhaustive list of some of the more popular MMJ strains near Santa Maria:

  • Green Lantern
  • Sonoma Coma
  • Grand Daddy Cookies
  • Pineapple Express
  • Medusa
  • 9 Pound Hammer
  • Tangerine Dreams
  • The OX
  • Sunset Cookies

Things To Do In Santa Maria After Medicating

1. PCPA- Pacific Conservatory Theatre

If you’re an enthusiast of the stage and enjoy seeing the craft of acting in a more intimate setting (and not on the big screen), head to the PCPA. Touted as one of the best in the region, the PCPA is your best option for a bit of theater in Santa Maria.

2. Foxen Canyon Wine Trail

The area around Santa Maria has some of the best vineyards in the state. Foxen Canyon Wine Trail is smack dab in the middle of these beautiful rolling hills and grapevines. There are a wide selection of spectacular Cali-wines on offer. If you like a good glass of Chardonnay or Pinot Noir to go along with your daily 420 dose, Foxen Canyon is definitely worth a visit.

3. Santa Maria Fairpark

This is the main venue for county fairs and celebrations throughout the year in the city of Santa Maria. The 4thof July celebrations are exceptionally fun, but there is always something happening, from car shows to county fairs.

And that brings us to the end of this guide on MMJ in Santa Maria. We at Nugg hope that this guide was informative and entertaining. For more information on MMJ in Santa Maria, check out the city’s official website. Enjoy your time in Santa Maria!