How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Santa Clara, California

Santa Clara County’s namesake, Santa Clara is the San Francisco Bay Area’s ninth most populous city. It also happens to be considered the center of Silicon Valley, often thought of as a bastion for progressive ideals. One would think that the story of medical marijuana in Santa Clara would be one with flourishes of liberalism and openness. This would be incorrect. Santa Clara is on the more conservative end of the spectrum with regards to MMJ.

  • What are the current marijuana laws in Santa Clara?
  • Where can I get an MMJ card in Santa Clara?
  • Where and how can I buy legal weed in Santa Clara?
  • What are some of the best MMJ products in Santa Clara?
  • Where can I entertain myself on a medicated day in Santa Clara?

Medical Marijuana Laws In Santa Clara

The city adopted its first moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries in 2009 a few months after it discovered a medical marijuana dispensary operating without proper permits within its jurisdiction. This was periodically extended for a couple of years, until Ordinance 1888, which amended the local zoning codes and made all medical marijuana dispensaries explicitly illegal in Santa Clara. A full list of the city ordinances related to marijuana can be found here. That 2011 legislation was the last piece of medical marijuana related law to be passed by the Santa Clara city council.

As of 2017, the city of Santa Clara has the following laws on medical marijuana are as follows:

  • MMJ dispensaries are explicitly forbidden from operating within city limits.
  • Delivery and other medical marijuana activities are not explicitly banned, but would probably fall under the category of activities that are indirectly illegal, since they are not explicitly allowed in the zoning laws.

Thanks to Proposition 64, some local governments are taking a wait and watch approach on medical and recreational marijuana legislation. New changes coming out of Prop 64 and the MMRSA law aren’t in effect until 2018 at the earliest. In the meantime, having a medical marijuana card is the best insurance policy against prosecution and harassment for possession of (medical) marijuana.

Where To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Near Me In Santa Clara

MMJ cards are a prerequisite for getting legal medical cannabis in California. To get a cannabis recommendation (MMJ card, weed card, they’re all the same thing) you need to find a medical marijuana doctor near you that would be willing to write a rec. You can find a list of doctors in and around Santa Clara who are 420 friendly, as well as clinics that offer consultations on a walk-in or appointment basis via Yelp, Weedmaps, or Leafly.

Or better yet, just stay home and get an MMJ card online with NuggMD! It’s affordable at $39 per rec, and quick and easy. All you need to do is head to NuggMD and apply! The whole process of verification is handled online and through telephone conversations, in compliance with California state telehealth regulations and norms.

How Does Doing Your 420 Evaluations Online Work?

To apply for an MMJ card online, fill out the form and medical questionnaire on NuggMD. Our qualified doctors will receive your details and call you to verify the information within minutes. If satisfied with the interview, they will approve your request.

After paying for your rec, you get an email copy sent to you instantly. The hard copy will of course take a few days to reach your address, but don’t let that get you down, because as soon as you have the PDF of your rec, you can buy cannabis products from dispensaries and delivery services throughout California. Nugg even helps you through this by partnering with dispensaries and delivery services that serve Santa Clara so you can start your medical marijuana journey without a hiccup.

How To Buy Medical Marijuana In Santa Clara

It is not hard to find medical marijuana dispensaries near Santa Clara. If you want completely legal sources, all you have to do is take a drive to nearby San Jose which is one of the few cities to have legal dispensaries for now.

But why bother when you can get safe and reliable online delivery services these days? With Nugg, you can order your favorite cannabis strains and products right from your home, or even when you are on the go. It is much safer than physically going to a cannabis dispensary. You don’t have to head to the rougher neighborhoods, nor do you have to worry about police (or worse, the Feds) raiding the place while you are there. It is also more discreet with doorstep delivery. On our site, you can look at the full list of local marijuana dispensaries that operate near your area. Choose from their catalog of products, send us proof of your valid MMJ card and pay with a credit card. It is that simple.

Popular MMJ Strains Near Santa Clara

Here’s a list of some of the most popular strains in Santa Clara:

  • Empress Candy
  • Quiet Storm
  • Afroy
  • Blue Doggy Dogg
  • Cornbread
  • Gorilla Glue 4
  • White Buffalo
  • Grease Monkey
  • Malawi Mimosa
  • Purple Mass

Things To Do In Santa Clara After Medicating

1. Levi’s Stadium

Head to the home of the 49’ers to watch NFL games, Levi’s is a huge stadium with a wonderful atmosphere.

2. California’s Great America

A solid amusement park with the usual assortment of adrenaline inducing rides, Great America is the perfect place for an outing (particularly while medicated).

3. Santa Clara Convention Center

For events as diverse as the Antiques Road Show to Alien Con, check out the Santa Clara Convention Center for some off-kilter fun!

4. Westfield Valley Fair Shopping Center

This is a huge mall that you can probably spend a whole day exploring. Add some great food courts and you have a place to sink at least a couple of hours in with your friends.

This brings us to the end of the guide. Hope you found some useful info in here. Just a few more reminders before finishing up though – do remember to check out the official websiet of Santa Clara for the latest updates on local cannabis laws. And talking about laws, the state will probably pass a new law in 2017 banning marijuana use while in a car/driving. DUID is already an offense in California. So stay safe and please try to desist from driving cars with marijuana in your system. Have fun!