How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Santa Ana, California

Sitting pretty on some Orange County real estate, Santa Ana has had a long history of ups and downs when it comes to medical cannabis rules and regulations. Despite the legality of medical marijuana in California since 1996, Santa Ana kept firm for a long time on their stance to keep medical marijuana operations out of their city. After reading this article, you’ll have information on the following topics:

  • Cannabis laws and regulations in Santa Ana
  • How to get an MMJ card in the city
  • Where to find the best high-quality buds in the city
  • Things to do while medicated in the greater Santa Ana area

History of Medical Marijuana in Santa Ana:

Medical marijuana has been legal in California since the passing of Prop 215 in 1996, and storefront dispensaries serving patients have proliferated throughout the state. But the reality under the law is, even with medical marijuana, local municipalities are free to choose the extent (or lack thereof) to which cannabis is prevalent in their cities.

Since the passage of Prop 64 the laws and regulations in Santa Ana have shifted once again, and will likely continue to do so, if history is any hint at the future. With the perceptions and opinions of people shifting, over the next few years Santa Ana officials may completely change the way they view the use and sale of cannabis in their city. Until then, police remain focused on cracking down on illegal medical marijuana operations throughout the city.

On November 4th, 2014, the citizens of Santa Ana voted on and approved Measure BB, which allows the establishment of medical marijuana collectives and cooperatives within the city. This was a huge step forward for those who wanted the city to allow for patients with a Cannabis Card to receive their medicine and for marijuana collectives to set up legal pot shops. Although the ordinance was approved, those desiring to open a medical marijuana dispensary faced a lot of regulations and challenges.

Measure BB was designed to establish a city-referred medical marijuana regulation ordinance. The propositions would establish a ten percent tax on gross receipts and would impose an initial five percent tax. The Ballot amended the Municipal Code to “limit the establishment of medical marijuana collectives/cooperatives in the City to only industrial zones, enforce strict operating protocols, and impose a tax and regulatory fee upon NO medical marijuana collectives/cooperatives as provided for the Ordinance No. NS-2874.”

There were also several restrictions that were written into this ordinance. These restrictions include:

Restricting collectives to certain sectors of the city (namely that a marijuana business that the could not be located within 500 feet of another collective or 1,000 feet from any school, park, or residential zone).Prohibition of on-site growing.Restriction of the sale of certain items including food or tobacco.Regulation of business hours and a required background check for employees.

The largest benefit of this ordinance was the fact that medical marijuana card holders in Santa Ana, who had received a doctor’s recommendation either from their primary care physician or from a cannabis specialist (often referred to as medical marijuana doctors), would now have legal cannabis dispensary storefronts that they could visit in their area to purchase their medicinal cannabis.

Struggles and Challenges with Police, Laws, and MMJ in Santa Ana

Since this ordinance has been established, the city has had some challenges and struggles maintaining these regulations. On May 26th, 2015, police raided Sky High Collectives, one of Santa Ana’s many unpermitted marijuana collectives. This raid was different than other raids and filled with controversy. During the raid, security cameras picked up 3 police officers eating confiscated marijuana edibles that were illegally being sold at the dispensary. Video footage of the officers spread throughout the Internet and had the city of Santa Ana, as well as the state, up in arms.

Then, recently in March of 2016, The Orange County Register stated that the city of Santa Ana has twice as many illegal marijuana collectives as legal ones.

The Santa Ana police have already shut down about 80 shops that are operating illegally in the area and have stated that they are continuing to pursue other illegal operations. But they last few that are operating illegal are harder to track down, as they are operating as Limited Liability Companies, which shield the true identity of the owner. Since there are only 20 licenses for medical marijuana collective within the city of Santa Ana, the police are determined to enforce this legal limit.

How Do I Get a Cannabis Card Near Me in Santa Ana?

Are you on the hunt for a medical marijuana doctor that can approve you for a medical cannabis card in Santa Ana? You have a few options to do so, which are definitely not all created equal.

Your first option (and undoubtedly your most challenging) is to ask your primary care physician if they’re willing to consider cannabis as a treatment option for your condition and issue you a recommendation themselves. Unfortunately, even with the passing of Prop 64 and medical cannabis having been legal in California for 20 years, most primary doctors are still very hesitant (if not outwardly opposed) to recommending cannabis.

Your second option is to visit a medical marijuana evaluation clinic or find a cannabis doctor near you, where a cannabis-friendly doctor will determine if medical marijuana might be beneficial for your overall health and well being. In Santa Ana, look no further than Steady Care Medical Clinic. With new patients at only $59, renewals at only $45, and with over 51 five star reviews on Yelp, this is the best option in the area. If you would like a list of other cannabis-friendly doctors, refer to Yelp, Weedmaps, or Leafly for a list of doctors in Santa Ana and the surrounding area.

Yourthird optionis to get your medical marijuana card online with services like NuggMD. That’s right, you read that correctly. Because of California’s telehealth laws, you can get your doctor’s recommendation totally online in about 30 minutes, through a secure service that keeps your information confidential and protected according to HIPAA law.

To apply for an MMJ card online with NuggMD, all you’ll need is a web-enabled device and the comfort of your own home. After filling out some basic personal info and a short medical questionnaire, you’re able to chat online with a doctor for your cannabis consultation, and you only pay if you’re approved, otherwise it’s FREE! Plus, when you use NuggMD to get your med card in Santa Ana, you’ll get an instant PDF copy delivered to you via email, and an official hard-copy sent to you in the mail.

How and Where to Find Cannabis nearby in Santa Ana

You have a few options for finding and ordering from local dispensaries in your area. The first option is driving to one of the many cannabis dispensaries in and around Santa Ana. One of our favorite dispensaries in Santa Ana is Sky High Holistics . Eighths hover around the $35 price range and the dispensary has a varied selection of flower, edibles and oils/waxes. Just a heads up while shopping for ganja at brick-and-mortar dispensaries: Each dispensary has its own list of available strains, or may lean more towards edible or wax offerings, so you are not guaranteed to get what you’re looking for.

But (and here’s where things get exciting) if you’re looking to take your cannabis discovery and convenience to the next level, your best bet is to go with an online marketplace platform like Nugg, where you’ll not only find menus of cannabis collectives in Santa Ana, but you’ll actually be able place orders 100% online!

Top Selling Strains in Santa Ana

In terms of Top Selling Strains in Santa Ana, check out GreenThumb Dispensary, now known as Top Gun Delivery, and try out their award winning Jet Fuel OG. It is said that it is “the best OG Kush encounter of your life. This one is not to be missed!

Place to See While Medicated

There’s no shortage of things to do in Santa Ana and the surrounding area on a medicated afternoon, evening or weekend. One of our favorites and a top suggestion from TripAdvisor is the Bowers Museum of Cultural Art. With beautiful art and sculptures from all parts of world, this is an awesome place to let your imagination go wild and enjoy some of life’s creative history.

If you prefer to be in nature or around living things while medicated, we recommend the Santa Ana Zoo at Prentice Park. Enjoy your high while watching monkeys, bird, and many more exotic creatures!

Of course, since you’re in California you’re never too far away from a nearby beach. One of our favorite’s is Huntington Beach where you can watch the surfers or participate in the ocean fun.

Or you could play it safe and head downtown where Santa Ana boasts lots of great restaurants with scenic views.

Finally, you can also go enjoy the roller coasters and events of the theme parks surrounding the area. Within a 1 hour drive, you can be at Disneyland, California Adventure Land, or Knott’s Berry Farm. Each location has style all its own.