How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in San Mateo, California

Located in the county which shares it’s name, San Mateo is located on the Western part of the San Francisco Bay Area. The city has a population of around 103,000 and is considered a part of Silicon Valley. One of the most populous suburban areas in the city, San Mateo boasts an impressive number of summer homes and mansions (no doubt as a result of the tech-boom). And though one may expect a more liberalized take on cannabis regulation (stemming from the young, liberal-leaning techies living here), medical marijuana in San Mateo has had its ups and downs over the past few years. The guide is organized thematically in an easy to follow format, and will address the following questions:

  • What are the current medical marijuana laws in San Mateo?
  • How do I get a cannabis card near me in San Mateo?
  • How does an online 420 evaluation work?
  • Where can I get high-quality, legal green in San Mateo?
  • What are some of the more popular strains of MMJ in San Mateo?
  • What can I do to have fun in San Mateo while medicated?

Medical marijuana laws in San Mateo

Marijuana regulation has been a long and slow process, even in a state as liberal as California. The first major steps towards legalization of marijuana was 1996’s Proposition 215 which legalized medical marijuana in California. To bookend this progression, 2016 saw the passage of Proposition 64 which legalized recreational cannabis in California. But marijuana legalization measures like these have been saddled with provisions allowing great autonomy for local governments in the state. This means that patients and adults can legally grow and smoke marijuana in California as of now, cities and counties can still tax, control and even ban MMJ businesses if they choose to. For the cannabis consumer, this means a complicated web of local jurisdictions and laws regarding availability of MMJ.

The San Mateo city municipal code has several sections related to regulation of cannabis collectives. MMJ patients can run non-profit collectives to grow and share 420 with members who have legal MMJ cards but they need permits from the local police chief and are not allowed to indulge in any business or cash transactions whatsoever. The regulation of collectives in the city was authorized by Ordinance No. 2009-6 of 2009.

There were minor tweaks to the municipal code over the next couple of years, but nothing major until 2016 when, in anticipation of a Prop 64 victory, cities in San Mateo County, including the city of San Mateo enacted emergency ordinances to temporarily prohibit commercial MMJ activities and outdoor cultivation. The city council O rdinance no. 2016-9 banned all commercial cannabis activities in the city until further notice citing the need to exploring the potential benefits of regulating and legalizing MMJ businesses before making any decisions. That is the status of MMJ as of now: MMJ activities, particularly commercial activities, are prohibited in San Mateo.

Where can I get a medical marijuana card near me in San Mateo?

The key to unencumbered access to MMJ in California is getting an MMJ card. It is the only way that permits California residents to score legal 420 from the dispensary circuit. To get one, all it takes is finding a medical marijuana doctor near you in San Mateo that is willing to write a doctor’s recommendation for cannabis. These 420-friendly doctors are largely found at one of California’s many cannabis clinics and offer in-person consultations mostly on an appointment basis. To find a cannabis doctor in and around San Mateo, Yelp, Weedmaps, and Leafly are excellent online directories at your disposal.

How Does Doing Your 420 Evaluation Online Work?

With NuggMD, you marijuana card application is taken care of online in fewer steps and less time than an in-person consultation. First, you’ll be asked to fill out a short questionnaire which will be forwarded to one of Nugg’s licensed doctors. After (s)he reviews the information, you’ll get a follow-up call for your tele-consultation. If approved, your doctor’s rec will be sent to you via email (with the official paper copy arriving within 3 to 5 days in the mail).

Payment is required only if your request for an MMJ card is approved. And when that happens, you have a couple of options: a basic doctor’s rec for $39, and a flashy and compact MMJ ID card for a few dollars more. With NuggMD, you won’t need to wait for your official doctor’s rec (or ID card if you decide to go that route). The emailed copy is all you need to start shopping online for legal MMJ with services like Nugg. And once your paper copy arrives, you can even head to any cannabis dispensary storefront if you prefer shopping for you medication in person!

Where do I buy medical marijuana in San Mateo?

Dispensaries and sale of cannabis is illegal in San Mateo, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to easily find a legal dispensary nearby in the Bay Area. But driving out to buy 420 is a real chore. And what is more, it can be easily avoided as well. Just check out our Nugg platform that lets you buy cannabis right from the comfort of your home. We are the largest service of its kind in the entire state, partnering with nearly a hundred MMJ dispensaries from all over California. If you reside in a city or county in the state, you can browse through our list of local MMJ dispensaries , check out their menus, and purchase in just a few clicks.

Buy online using your valid MMJ card and credit card and get speedy delivery right to your doorstep. Nugg guarantees that the whole transaction will be secure and discreet. Check us out online to see for yourself firsthand. Once you try Nugg, you will never want nor need another MMJ source in California!

Popular MMJ Strains Near San Mateo

San Mateo’s most popular strains of MMJ are similar to those in the rest of the Bay Area.

  • Thin Mint Cookies
  • Blue Dragon
  • Orange Cookies
  • THC Bomb
  • Sour Patch Kush
  • Gelato 45
  • Candyland
  • Whoopie Pie

Things To Do In San Mateo After Medicating

1. San Mateo Japanese Garden

Japanese culture (stemming from a historically significant Japanese diaspora) has had a lasting influence on the culture and architecture of San Mateo. This amazing garden is an example of the convergence of this. It’s a great place to relax and unwind after medicating on your own. And since it lies very close to the downtown San Mateo, it is very easy to reach as well.

2. Coyote Point Recreation Area

One of the best outdoor chill-spots in the city, Coyote Point has several walking and biking trails and is great on a sunny day thanks to the local winds. The place is ideal for a BBQ or picnic with friends and family. If you want a social day out with good food after medicating, head to Coyote Point.

3. Central Park

Located at the heart of the city, this is a hotspot for outdoor activities and sports. If you want to hang out with friends or just take a solitary walk, Central Park offers you the option to do either. The park has a decent sized baseball park that gets converted into a skating rink in the winter. The park also has water bodies that are great for kayaking.

4. Hillsdale Shopping Center

Walking and picnics are all fine, but sometimes after medicating you are simply in the mood for some retail therapy and dining out. A mall is the best option in these circumstances and Hillsdale is a great place to do just that. It has a great selection of big brand outlets and fancy stores. The highlight probably has to be the Lego Store! You also get a well-stocked food court area.

With that, we come to the end of this guide. We hope this has been informative and useful to you. Though we strive to keep our guides up to date, do visit the city official website from time to time since MMJ local laws change from time to time. Take care and have fun with MMJ in San Mateo!