How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in San Jose, California

The City of San Jose, considered the “Capital of Silicon Valley” is a true global city. With a population in excess of 1 million, it is the largest city in Northern California, the 3rdlargest in the state and 10thlargest in the entire United States. Legislating for such a massive metropolis is a very challenging task. Regarding medical marijuana in San Jose, the city has had a more complicated experience than your average California city. This article serves as a primer of all-things MMJ-related in San Jose including:

  • Medical Marijuana laws in San Jose
  • How to get a Medical Marijuana Card in San Jose
  • How to buy legal, medical-grade cannabis in the city
  • Where to buy your medication
  • How to celebrate a medicated afternoon in San Jose

Medical Marijuana Laws in San Jose

The city faced a tough time tackling the issue of medical marijuana regulation ever since proposition 215 made MMJ legal in 1996. According to City Council surveys, San Jose had nearly 75 MMJ dispensaries and collectives operational in 2010. There were no local regulations or laws for MMJ at that time. Faced with debilitating budget deficits, the city opted for a marijuana tax measure, Measure U which was placed before the voters in the November 2 elections of 2010. The vote was a success and the city put forward its first two medical marijuana ordinances whose details can be found in this memorandum submitted in 2011.

But that original ordinance proposed to regulate the MMJ dispensaries in the city by reducing their total number to 10, and placing strict regulations on the location of MMJ dispensaries. This was met with strong opposition from MMJ businesses already active in San Jose, who managed to muster a petition strong enough to force the City Council to either repeal the ordinances or put for another vote in front of San Jose residents. The city chose not to put the motion on ballot due to budget constraints.

As a result, from February 2012, there was no MMJ legalization law effective in San Jose, meaning that all 80 dispensaries were basically illegal. But as already mentioned, the city was already strapped for cash and chose not to spend excessive resources policing all dispensaries. Instead, the San Jose PD was tasked with focusing on those dispensaries that failed to pay the San Jose marijuana tax, or caused severe law and order problems.

Within a year, the unregulated proliferation of MMJ dispensaries and related alleged criminal activities prompted city officials to draft a new ordinance. In the face of increased complaints from community leaders and law enforcement officials, this new ordinance drafted in 2014 was quite strict in its zoning rules and stipulations. Marijuana dispensaries and activists tried once again to mount a campaign similar to the ones they successfully carried out in 2011, but failed this time around. The new regulations permitted just 16 legal cannabis dispensaries for the whole city. It also forced MMJ dispensaries to relocate to industrial neighborhoods, and placed strict limitations on their cannabis sourcing, as explained in this HuffPost article.

Obviously, the vast gulf between legally permitted cannabis dispensaries and the actual number of dispensaries operating in the city of San Jose has led to a huge spike in marijuana related raids, busts and police action in recent years. Numerous illegal indoor grows in suburban areas have been raided, like this one recently in 2016. Dispensaries operating without licenses and flouting city hall rules have also come frequently in the cross hair of law enforcement, as is clear from this bust in 2015. Even the police are not immune in San Jose and a veteran officer was charged for possession of large amounts of cannabis in a rented storage unit in 2015.

When early trends started indicating a yes vote for proposition 64 in the 2016 elections, the City of San Jose imposed temporary bans on cultivation and sale of recreational cannabis. A lot of cities and counties had decided to take this same route to counter the rise of new recreational pot dispensaries and to get more time to frame proper regulations. There were also indications that in the rapidly changing circumstances, City Hall was contemplating relaxing existing rules regarding cultivation and home delivery even before the election, according to local news reports.

The latest info regarding the city’s medical marijuana regulations can be found here on the official website pages. MMJ dispensaries are legal, and if you have a valid MMJ card you can buy cannabis completely legally from licensed dispensaries. Recreational marijuana sale and cultivation is prohibited as of now, but as per Proposition 64, will become legal as of 2018.

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card Near Me in San Jose

The city has had a regulated, legalized medical marijuana framework since 2014. This means that if you are a resident of San Jose and you require medical marijuana, all you really is MMJ card. Any licensed doctor in the state of California can issue a cannabis card/prescription for any ailment from cancer to aid, arthritis to nausea, and any other major or minor ailments and injuries. All you need to a friendly medical marijuana doctor.

There’s no shortage of resources to find nearby MMJ doctors in San Jose. Aggregate sites like Yelp, Leafly, and Weedmaps offer reviews on doctors willing to recommend cannabis as a treatment in San Jose and the surrounding areas. Of course, if you go this route, you will have to physically head out and get your card approved in person. If you have a busy schedule, or do not have the inclination and patience to go through that whole song and dance sequence, try applying for an MMJ card online.

With NuggMD, the whole process of applying for an MMJ card is streamlined and brought online. After a few questions answered online, you are connected to a qualified doctor for a tele-consultation. The whole process takes about 30 minutes. And the best part is that you get an electronic version of your legal MMJ card emailed to you that same day, probably within the hour. A hard copy is also mailed to your address within a few days. This way, you can get the protection afforded by a valid MMJ card while sitting at home itself.

How to Get Medical Canabis in San Jose

On the plus side, medical marijuana dispensaries are legal and can operate within city limits. On the downside, there are fewer and fewer legal operations in the city. As can be seen clearly from media reports, illegal dispensaries in San Jose get a lot of attention from local law enforcement as well as the Feds. If you’re looking for a pot dispensary in San Jose, make sure it’s licensed, otherwise you risk city or possibly federal prosecution.

Nugg side-steps this problem by partnering with reputable dispensaries and delivery services in San Jose and throughout California. You can choose your favorite dispensary and even browse through their list of available strains and get your green delivered to your doorstep in complete security. Plus, who wants to drive around to find the best deals around when you can window-shop from the comfort of your home!

Popular MMJ Strains in San Jose

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular strains in San Jose to get you started on your cann-tastic voyage:

  • Blueberry Kush (Indica)
  • Green Crack (Sativa)
  • The White (Hybrid)
  • Boss OG (Indica)
  • Banana Split (Sativa Hybrid)
  • Sunset Sherbet (Hybrid)
  • Lemon Kush GH (Hybrid)

Things To Do In San Jose After Medicating

San Jose is a huge metropolis and there’s a ton of fun stuff to do after medicating.

1. Winchester Mystery House

A really weird mansion with a haunted past, it is absolutely huge and offers a ton of exploration opportunities. The guided tours can be pretty fun as spooky as well, depending on which one you choose.

2. SAP Center

The home of the San Jose sharks! If you like sports in general, and ice hockey in particular, you will have a great time on game nights.

3. Japanese Friendship Garden

Many such landscaped gardens tend to be rather smaller in size, but the San Jose version is spread out and is less claustrophobic in size. For a pleasant and tranquil time alone, this is a great destination. There are koi ponds, bonsai trees and authentic Japanese houses.

4. Municipal Rose Garden

Arguably one of the most beautiful spots in the entire city of San Jose, there are acres and acres of rose shrubs, vines and lawns here. Picnic tables and barbecues are also available, in an area graced by majestic redwood trees. It is a delightful place to head for your 420 date or just some quiet alone time as well.

5. Willow Glen

A big city can be a real buzz kill. Visit this charming little neighborhood which retains a small town feel. In Willow Glen, you’ll find a lot of amazing coffee shops, and other dining options to sweeten the deal making it an excellent place to hang out and relax with friends.