How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in San Francisco, California

If there is one place in this big, beautiful country that genuinely merits the label of 420-friendly, it must be San Francisco. Birthplace of the Hippy movement, and home of the world-famous Haight Ashbury District, Frisco has long been at the forefront of marijuana research and the fight to legalize weed. Today it remains a source of constant envy for SoCal residents: a tolerant city filled with beautiful people where medical marijuana is celebrated and the LGBTQ community is embraced. After reading this article, you’ll have some general information on:

  • Legal and social acceptance of medical (and recreational) green
  • How to get an MMJ rec both in-person and online
  • Where to buy high-grade, legal cannabis in San Francisco
  • Info about popular strains to start you on your journey
  • Advice on things to do while medicated in San Francisco

Marijuana Laws in San Francisco

As you know, recreational marijuana was finally legalized in California in November of 2016. But before you go hog-wild with celebration, remember that these new laws will not become effective until sometime after Jan 1, 2018.

We need to give the recreational industry a chance to find its pace in a state that already has a pretty awesome medical marijuana infrastructure in place. Will Big-Buck Corporations edge out the hard-working local growers, who have been fighting for marijuana rights for decades? Hopefully not. Can we expect THC superstores, with aisles and aisles of marijuana goodies, and a dozen checkout lanes? Who knows. Will recreational marijuana stores opt for flashing neon signs like bail bond offices? Only time will tell. You can imagine what a recreational Cali will look like, but for now, nothing has changed.

The Law is Still The Law

Until that day in 2018, when anyone over the age of 21 can walk into a weed shop and score some premium marijuana , without showing ID (except for proof of age if you look young), without needing a medical card, and without visiting a medical marijuana doctor every year for no apparent reason, the laws of the land still apply.

Right now in San Francisco, with a medical marijuana recommendation from a doctor, anyone 18 years or older can legally possess up to an eight ounces of marijuana flower, or cultivate up to six adult plants; you are protected under the provisions of Prop 215 and SB 420.

However, it is still illegal to smoke or vape marijuana in public, or in a car, plane or boat. Employers can still demand drug-free workplaces, which include THC screening, and San Francisco landlords can still prohibit marijuana on their properties.

Local San Francisco Marijuana Ordinances are Changing

San Francisco is due to update its local medical marijuana ordinances within the state’s model. To get an example of what the new laws will look like, let’s look at Oakland, which updated its municipal marijuana ordinances in May of 2016.

According to Oakland’s new ordinances, half of the employees in a dispensary must be Oakland residents, and half of those must come from neighborhoods with high unemployment.

The new laws in San Francisco will deal with these issues, and with expanding the type of medical cannabis permits available to sellers and growers, but mostly with zoning. Residents who live in many of the family-oriented neighborhoods on the west side of the city have always been unhappy to see medical marijuana dispensaries close to home.

In a nutshell, the passing of Prop 64 allows the following:

Californians who are 21 and older to possess, transport, buy and consume up to an ounce of marijuana for recreational purposes.Californians who are 21 and older to grow up to six marijuana plants.Cannabis smoking in private homes and business licensed for on-site marijuana use.State-licensed business to sell non-medical marijuana.A 15% tax on recreational marijuana sales.

As far as the new recreational laws and police activity goes, there’s some good news in the offing. The smell of marijuana will no longer be considered probable cause to be stopped and searched, and you will not have to submit to a search of your body, car or home because of suspected marijuana use.

We invite all Nugg readers to be proactive about marijuana reform, to understand the current laws, and to work constructively to change the ones you don’t like. As a reference guide, we present current California marijuana laws, and current San Francisco local marijuana ordinances.

A Mecca for Medical Marijuana Patients

Today, this Bay city is far ahead of the cannabis industry. It is not only rife with some of the best medical marijuana dispensaries, delivery services, and cannabis doctors that you will find anywhere on the planet, but it’s also at the forefront of the push for legalized recreational marijuana in California!

By the time you read this, we may already have passed those laws (although they will take years to enact), but the San Francisco Bay Area is already gearing up for a robust recreational market. It may surprise you that the latest marijuana packaging and marketing companies in the Bay Area have completely dropped marijuana leaves and green crosses from their logos, but that’s the future of marijuana – mainstream all the way!

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in San Francisco

Even if you are only looking to take advantage of legal recreational ganja, the only way to get legal, medical-grade cannabis is through a doctor’s recommendation. San Francisco is one of the easiest places in California to find an in-person medical marijuana doctor near you. There are several reputable online directories that review doctors that take new patients on a walk-in or appointment basis. Three of the best directories are Yelp, Weedmaps, and Leafly.

If you can’t waste a day driving and waiting for an in-person doctor’s appointment, fret not! NuggMD offers the same MMJ rec in a fraction of the time and cost, and it’s all done online! Nugg makes applying for a medical marijuana card online incredibly easy. Just get online via your phone, laptop, or other web-enabled device and after a short intake questionnaire, you will be connected with one of our doctors for a tele-consultation. After about 30 minutes, you will be emailed a PDF of your cannabis recommendation, with the paper copy arriving in the mail a few days later. The PDF allows you to shop for flower at any of California’s dispensaries and delivery services! The best part–we only charge $39 for new patients and will only charge you once the doctor accepts to write you a rec!

Where to Get the Best Medical Marijuana near me in San Francisco

25 years ago, if you wanted the best weed in Frisco, you were advised to go to Haight-Ashbury and look for unsavory types puffing on joints, and ask them. A decade ago, you sought out a medical marijuana doctor to get an MMJ card, and then poured over the back pages of the San Francisco Weekly for the best cannabis dispensary deals and the juiciest first-time patient offers.

Nowadays, to get the best medical marijuana flowers, edibles and concentrates in San Francisco, rely on the state-of-the-art medical marijuana delivery services and online one-stop-shopping services like Nugg that hook you up with a medical doctor and mmj evaluation, the purest cannabis products, and the latest medical marijuana information.

Is San Francisco Snobby About Marijuana?

Yes, and no. Traditionally, Northern California smokers have shunned “imported” marijuana from Southern California and/or Mexico. Even international Cannabis Cup winners are sometimes given the stink-eye by some Bay area pot smokers, who believe nothing beats NorCal’s homegrown marijuana. After all, if the local stuff can give you couch-lock just by looking at it, who needs anything else?

Times are changing. New marijuana strains from Colorado are turning heads in the Bay Area, and cannabis connoisseurs are realizing that variety in marijuana is the key to bliss.

Nevertheless, we have compiled our usual list of the most popular strains currently tipping the scales in San Francisco (by surveying the top dispensaries and monitoring delivery sales), but first we present the area’s favorite strains of marijuana over the past couple of years.

San Francisco’s Favorite Flower Strains

These strains are favored by native San Franciscans, though they are not all indigenous, and were gleaned from a list of the Best Marijuana Strains in the Country. Note that the Bay area provided eight of the 12 top strains of marijuana.


This Frisco favorite is a sativa-heavy hybrid with a tart smell of sweetness, and a reputation as a bit of an aphrodisiac. Its spacey effects have been known to get the juices flowing and promote strong orgasms. Slymer’s citrus sensuality can be found at many San Francisco dispensaries – it’s usually stored in a big jar that’s almost empty.


Get energy and relaxation at the same time with Neville’s Haze, a Bay phenomenon that was grown from Dutch seeds. It reportedly has strong psychoactive properties, bordering on spiritual awakening. Even if you don’t experience rapture, you’ll get pretty darn introspective.


Jack’s candy sweetness is mixed with lemon zest in this pungent and powerful strain that San Francisco has enjoyed for years. One of San Francisco’s top dispensaries The Green Cross grows their own Lemon Jack for optimum quality and potency.


Also at the forefront of CBD medications, San Franciscans have a strain of CBD-dominant marijuana with a mildly psychoactive THC count of 7.9%. It’s called Chill Up CBD and it gives you the ideal combination of pain relief, inflammation control, and anxiety reduction – without too much euphoria.

Top-Selling Marijuana Strains in San Francisco

The following is a list of the top-selling strains in San Fran. Prices are for eighths and quarters.


  • Face Off OG $50 / $100
  • Remy Kush $50 / $100
  • Purple Urkel $45 / $90
  • Grand Daddy Purple $40 / $80
  • Cherry Kush $30 / $60


  • Gorilla Glue #4 $50 / $100
  • Super Glue $40 / $80
  • Blue Diamond $40 / $80
  • Jack Herer $40 / $80
  • Green Crack $15 / $30


  • Titan OG $55 / $110
  • Purple Tangie $50 / $100
  • Gelato 33 $50 / $100
  • Double Dream $45 / $90
  • Gelato $40 / $100
  • Bubba Kush $40 / $80

Weird Places to Visit When You’re Medicated in San Francisco

Musée Méchanique: You’ll either feel very nostalgic, or extremely creeped out by Frisco’s Musée Méchanique, one of the world’s largest collections of mechanically operated antique arcade machines. Some of the mechanical faces are hideous when you view them close-up, and all the machines are operable in this hands-on museum. Admission is free!

The Museum of Banned Toys:This unusual collection is actually hidden inside the Burlingame Museum of PEZ Memorabilia & Classic Toy Museum, but it’s worth a separate visit. You can see the Cabbage Patch Doll named Snacktime which was yanked from store shelves immediately after it was reported that the toy’s jaws were chewing up kids’ hair and fingers with no safety mechanism to stop them.

The Winchester Mystery House:It’s a world-famous mansion with a haunted history. It belonged to an heir to the Winchester gun fortune, and she believed the place was swarming with ghosts of people killed by Winchester rifles. Use the Buddy System if you dare to visit, especially when you find out why repairmen worked on the place – around the clock – for 38 years.