How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in San Diego, California

There was an interesting question posted on Reddit recently. A user wanted to know if San Diego was a 420 friendly city, because, as he or she put it, “I got a med card, but I’m more of a social smoker and don’t want to keep smoking alone. Im looking for people who want to chill out and smoke sometime in San Diego. So, is it a 420 friendly city?”

There are really two good questions here: Is San Diego a marijuana friendly place, and how can a person find a few bong buddies in the big city?

Marijuana Laws in San Diego

According to a website that rates your ability to openly smoke medical marijuana in public, (a score of 1 being ‘very illegal’ and 5 being ‘virtually legal’), San Diego scores a 3.2 inland and a 3.8 at the beaches. Still, San Diego has always been a conservative stronghold and the inland police officers have a very low tolerance for “potheads.” In fact, medical marijuana is technically illegal in San Diego. Thankfully, state law overrides local ordinances and protects the right of anyone in possession of a medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation to possess up to 8 ounces of medical marijuana, or 6 mature pot plants.

To read more about San Diego’s medical marijuana laws, see the County of San Diego Frequently Asked Medical Marijuana Questions, and to learn the latest on their moratorium on new collectives, see their 2016 Land Use Report.

Regardless of the legality on the state level, keep in mind that public marijuana consumption is still illegal, and no matter how chill the cops may seem, they have a legal right to fine you. And keep in mind that a doctor-issued cannabis card is the best insurance against being hassled by local PD, as California residents are required an MMJ card to benefit from medical and recreational marijuana.

Where to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in San Diego

If you don’t already have a cannabis card, you’re running out of reasons. A visit to a medical marijuana doctor is quick and painless, and an mmj card is typically valid for 12 months. California’s network of MMJ doctors is vast-to locate a doctor nearby, there is no shortage of online services that offer directories. A few notable ones are Yelp, Leafly, and Weedmaps.

The process for getting an MMJ recommendation in-person is similar to a normal doctor’s appointment, including driving to the doctor’s office, hanging around in the waiting room for a while, having your consultation, and driving home.

Take a Virtual Tour of a Famous San Diego Marijuana Dispensary

Cameras are normally banned inside dispensaries, so enjoy this rare glimpse inside one of San Diego’s oldest and most respected dispensaries, the Point Loma Patients Consumer Cooperative, billed asSan Diego’s #1 Legal Marijuana Dispensary. It’s a good introduction to dispensary etiquette, especially if you’ve never visited a top-shelf destination dispensary like this.

Note how the countless jars and endless strain selection is nicely displayed like an old-school drugstore or apothecary. And… Their in-house proprietary strainTokyo OGis a Cannabis Cup Winner. Imagine that – House Shake that’s probably better than 90% of the top shelf flower you’ve ever smoked!

Where To Score Premium Cannabis Products in San Diego

If you’re not keen on driving to a dispensary, there is, of course, an easier way to procure buds–getting it delivered. If you’ve never tried a marijuana delivery service, you’re living in the Stone Age. There are so many reasons to have your medication delivered (convenience, variety, quality), and so many reasons to avoid brick-and-mortar cannabis dispensaries (waiting lines, parking, safety issues) that marijuana delivery is somewhat of a no-brainer in 2016 and beyond.

Additionally, there is currently a concerted effort in San Diego by legislators and law enforcement personnel to shut down all the illegal dispensaries in town. This article from the Los Angeles Times explains that there are only 14 legal dispensaries in San Diego, and all the rest are slated to be closed shortly.

If you’re still not convinced that San Diego marijuana delivery services are the best way to get your meds, watch this Youtube video outlining the many advantages of having cannabis, concentrates and edibles delivered to your doorstep.

What Patients Are Smoking in San Diego

To help you further we’ve surveyed the top dispensaries and marijuana delivery services to compile an accurate snapshot of what San Diegans are ordering. The Top-Selling Buds in San Diego are:

  • Purple Candy
  • Snoop Dogg OG
  • Blue Dream
  • Gorilla Glue #4
  • Headband
  • Sour Diesel (GH) Organic
  • Green Crack
  • Platinum OG Moonrocks
  • Blackberry Kush
  • Maui Waui

Prices vary from collective to collective, but generally speaking, grams of premium flower sell for about $15 to $18 a gram and about $90 – $100 for a quarter-ounce. Prices are particularly favorable for concentrates.

Best Places To Spend a Few Medicated Hours in San Diego

From the San Diego Zoo to the breathtaking and historic Gaslamp Quarter, there is no shortage of major attractions in San Diego, but if you you have a medical marijuana card and you want to avoid the stress of crowds and lines when you’re feeling elevated, here’s a few off the beaten path attractions for the marijuana aficionado:

The Most Haunted House in the Country – Whaley House Museum

The Whaley House was built by Thomas Whaley as a two-story home in 1856 and it eventually became San Diego’s first theatre, general store, and courthouse. Even more intriguing, it has long been considered to be inhabited by the ghosts of Whaley’s relatives who died there. Celebrated TV personality Regis Philbin even reported seeing some sort of apparition on the premises, and The Travel Channel’s “Most Haunted” show called the Whaley House Museum “the most haunted home in the United States.”

A Magical Wonderland on an Average Suburban Corner – Harper’s Topiary Garden

You have to see this to believe it – 15 years ago, Edna and Alex Harper started shaping their shrubs into fantastic shapes, including a dinosaur, a surfer, a pyramid, a menagerie of animals, and a giant Buddha. Meander through Harper’s Topiary Garden maze of living sculptures for a uniquely bizarre experience while medicated. And best of all, it’s free.

One of the Last Great Merry-Go-Rounds – The 1895 Looff Carousel

Designed and built by the Father of the American Carousel Charles Looff, this is one of the few remaining carousels in the United States. Featuring intricately sculpted horses, camels, giraffes and elephants, it was first installed in Texas in 1895. Afterwards, the carousel travelled from Santa Monica in the 1950s, Spanaway, WA in the 1970s, Portland, OR in the 1980s, Burbank, CA in the 1990s, and finally San Diego in 2004, putting on more miles than a kidnapped garden gnome.