How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Salinas, California

Salinas is a charter city located in Northern California just south of the greater Bay Area. This city of 155,000 people is the largest municipality and county seat of Monterey County. For medical marijuana businesses, the city and county have been important destinations in recent years thanks to a quite supportive local administration, even welcoming the cannabis product manufacturing company Altai Brands. Both medical marijuana cultivation, sale and delivery is legal in the city as of 2016. After reading the article, you’ll have information on the following topics:

  • Medical Marijuana-related laws in Salinas
  • Where to find an MMJ doctor nearby in Salinas
  • Getting an MMJ card in Salinas
  • Where to buy medical marijuana in Salinas
  • What are some of the most popular MMJ strains in Salinas
  • Advice on places to see and things to do while medicated in Salinas

Medical Marijuana Laws in Salinas

Though Proposition 215 was passed in 1996, it was only in 2004 that California enacted legislation specifying the role of local governments in regulating medical marijuana businesses. So, the late 2000s saw a flurry of legislation in local governments, with ordinances and moratoriums banning medical marijuana production and sale within city and county limits. Salinas had its first piece of regulations in 2007, with Ordinance no. 2480 banning medical marijuana dispensaries from operating within city limits.

Updates in the state legislature on medical marijuana usually leads to a reaction at county and city level as well. In Salinas, updates to ordinance 2480 came in 2015, as the state legislature prepared to vote on the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA). To gain some time to create a new policy, the city chose to extend a temporary moratorium on cultivation and sale of medical marijuana in 2015. Full details can be found in the report by the City Attorney to the Council available here.

In January 2016, Salinas became the second city in Monterey County after Del Rey Oaks to allow medical marijuana cultivation and sale through dispensaries in the city. The county also followed suit in February, making it one of the rarer marijuana-friendly destinations in California.

Salinas started inviting commercial marijuana business applications in mid-2016. The city also inserted a local marijuana tax proposal, Measure L on the ballot for the November 8 elections. The measure, which was passed on November 8 of 2016 places a $25 tax on each square foot under cultivation in the city. There is also a 10% additional retail tax on all dispensary, delivery and manufacturing operations within the city limits of Salinas.

Do I Really Need a MMJ Card?

This might be a question that ranks high in the minds of marijuana consumers in states like California where the herb is all set to attain full legal status come 2018 (thanks to Proposition 64). Here is a helpful cheat-sheet courtesy of Time, if you need to learn more about Prop 64.

And to answer that question, yes you still need an MMJ card to make a purchase from your nearby medical marijuana dispensary in Salinas, or an online service like Nugg for that matter. The requisite licenses for dispensaries to sell to general public will not be out until 2018 at the earliest.

And even then, there is widespread speculation that full legalization will be hit hard by the Feds. The new administration under President Trump does not exactly have a friendly outlook towards marijuana in general. Your safest bet is to get a cannabis card at the earliest if you are in California. That way, you are safely set to legally purchase medical marijuana, regardless of whether full legalization actually happens in 2018 or not.

How to Get a MMJ Card in Salinas

A medical marijuana card is the first thing you need to score weed legally in a state with medical marijuana laws. Having an MMJ card can help you avoid unnecessary run ins with local law enforcement. Besides that, buying marijuana from legal sources is way better than depending on shady sources and underground dealers.

To get your own cannabis card, you need a recommendation from a qualified doctor. Not all physicians are open to the idea of marijuana as a medication, and finding nearby MMJ doctors may be difficult. However, services like Yelp, Weedmaps, and Leafly offer directories (with reviews) of medical professionals and clinics in Salinas and throughout California that are willing to write a marijuana rec.

Applying for an MMJ card online is by and far the easiest and quickest way to get an MMJ recommendation. NuggMD ’s takes you from initial paperwork, through your consultation and all the way up to providing dispensaries and delivery service suggestions for you to get your medication! After filling out an initial questionnaire, you will be connected with one of our doctors for a tele-consultation. If the doctor approves, we’ll send you your new MMJ rec via email (with the official paper copy arriving via snail mail in a few days). With the online rec, you won’t even have to wait to get any legal cannabis from the many dispensaries and delivery services in California! The whole process takes under 30 minutes and costs $39 for new patients, which we only charge if you’re approved!

How to Get Medical Marijuana in Salinas

The city and county seem very friendly towards marijuana businesses, but the authorities have been making sure to give out licenses at a measured and slow pace. Still, it’s really quite easy to find a cannabis dispensary near you in Salinas if you are more comfortable with the brick-and-mortar experience of physically going to a dispensary for your product.

If you want to buy high quality weed safely from the comforts of your home, an online service makes sense. You don’t have to head out to the streets, and this is important, since cannabis dispensaries continue to be a cash-only business. Nugg makes purchasing MMJ as quick and easy as possible. We offer a comprehensive list of all local and nearby medical marijuana dispensaries that deliver to Salinas, and let you compare prices to find the best deal for you! It’s also safe and discreet and your privacy is guaranteed.

Popular Strains of Medical Marijuana Available near Salinas

There is no dearth of great hybrids of Indica and sativa strains out there. As far as the Bay Area and its surrounding regions are concerned, the following are the premium Kush and OG names to look out for:

  • Lemon Draiz
  • Purple Tangie
  • Sour Girl
  • Cherry Cheese Cake
  • Swiss Tsu
  • Forbidden Fruit

Fun Things to Do in Salinas After Taking Medical Marijuana

1. The Laguna Seca Mazda Raceway

Fancy watching fast cars and bikes zip by at breakneck speeds? Head to the world famous Laguna Seca raceway on a race day after taking your medication. The track is excellent, and there are fun race events throughout the year.

2. Old Town

This is an excellent place to hang out after a dose of high-quality medical marijuana. There are numerous restaurants and pubs to hang out in. And if you fancy watching a movie, the nearby theater has plenty of options. Plus, you got all the local ice cream and chocolate shops and arcades for added fun and games.

3. National Steinbeck Center

For an intellectually stimulating experience, head to this center which pays homage to Salinas’ most famous son. The center houses historical artifacts as well as interactive multi-sensory exhibits that will blow your mind.

4. Northridge Mall

Malls are always safe option after a hit of medical marijuana, provided you don’t mind the crowds. You get plenty of options at the food court, plus there are usually shops and cinemas to while away your time.

Just a word of caution. If you plan to head out while high, do yourself a favor and do not drive a car. DUID is a serious offense and will land you in trouble with the police. Besides, it also gives marijuana legalization efforts a bad rep. So take a ride share or hire a cab and stay safe!