How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Roseville, California

Roseville is a small city within the Sacramento Metropolitan Area. With a population of 128,000, it is the largest city in Placer County. The city started off in the 1860s as a railroad town simply named “Junction”. The city of Roseville was formally incorporated in 1909. The city remained a major center of railroads for almost the better part of a century. Railroads still remain a major employer after all these years.

  • What are the current medical marijuana laws in Roseville?
  • How can I get a cannabis card near me in Roseville?
  • How does an online 420 evaluation work?
  • Where can I legally get high-quality cannabis in Roseville?
  • What are some popular strains of MMJ in Roseville?
  • What are some things to do on a medicated afternoon/evening in Roseville?

Medical Marijuana Laws in Roseville

As far as medical marijuana is concerned, Placer County has a zero tolerance policy towards all activities related to it, be it sales or cultivation. But Roseville has chosen a slightly divergent path from the rest of the county. While MMJ dispensaries and delivery has been prohibited, cannabis cultivation by patients and caregivers have always been tolerated within city limits. The only other major piece of legislation related to cannabis passed by the Roseville City Council was ordinance no. 5087 of 2012, prohibiting outdoor marijuana grows put in place due to the complaints from some residents over the smell of said outdoor grows.

According to the city official website notification from 2016 , minor modifications were added the existing medical marijuana laws that year. This was in compliance with the provisions of the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act passed by the state of California in 2015.

In short, if you have a medical marijuana card, you can grow your own cannabis in Roseville. But cultivation is restricted to indoor grows. Marijuana dispensaries and delivery services are banned from operating within Roseville city limits, but in practice, medical marijuana patients do not face many difficulties in procuring their favorite cannabis products in Roseville, or pretty much anywhere in California for that matter. All you need is a valid medical marijuana card to keep yourself out of trouble.

How do I get a medical marijuana card near me in Roseville

A medical marijuana card or doctor’s recommendation is mandatory if you want to purchase marijuana legally in the state of California. Proposition 64 may change all that in the coming years, but you will have to wait at least until 2018 before it becomes law. In the meantime, just get a cannabis card to avoid any harassment from law enforcement. It is not very hard to get one, provided you know where to look for it. All you need to do is find a cannabis doctor near you .

Traditionally, the best places to look are local cannabis clinics where you’ll find several resident licensed doctors to write cannabis recs. But in smaller cities like Roseville, you might have to journey to a bigger city like Sacramento to find a 420-friendly doctor or open cannabis clinic. Check out Yelp , Weedmaps , and leafly for reviewed directories of said doctors and clinics.

But with NuggMD , you can avoid the headache of finding a clinic, making an appointment and waiting to get your MMJ card. Our service allows you to get apply for and receive an MMJ card online. We will instantly forward your application to a licensed doctor who will process your request in short order. This system of ours is in full compliance with California telehealth regulations, so you can safely order a MMJ card online from your couch.

How does an online 420 Evaluations work?

The whole process takes under 30 minutes and can be done from any web-enabled device. Just visit NuggMD to apply for an MMJ card . You will be asked to provide a few personal details as well as complete a medical questionnaire. Once all the initial information has been transmitted, you have two options for a weed rec. For $39, you get a doctor’s rec, but why not spend a few more bucks and get a wallet-sized MMJ card that makes it more convenient to prove your legal status?!

Once you make your choice, it is time for your doctor’s appointment, or what we like to call a tele-consultation. Once the doctor is satisfied with the details you provide, (s)he will process your application. You only have to pay for the whole thing if your application is approved. The approval process only takes a few minutes after which a PDF copy of your doctor’s recommendation is sent to your email ID. You can use this document to start purchasing from Nugg immediately! Or you can wait a couple of days for the hard copy to reach your mailbox if you want to buy directly from dispensaries near you.

Both the doctor’s recommendation and the marijuana patient ID card are legal documents in full compliance with California state laws on medical marijuana. Once you have them, you have legal protection against prosecution, as long as you are carrying legally permissible amounts of medical marijuana. So quit wasting your time and apply for an MMJ card now to start buying your favorite sativa or indica today!

Popular MMJ Strains Near Roseville

We know that there are an endless number of strains that you can choose from. Here’s a list of some of the more popular strains near Roseville to help you get started on your MMJ-journey:

  • GreenCrack
  • SFV OG
  • Romulan
  • Purple Kush
  • Sugar Cookie
  • Hillbilly Hash Tea
  • Crypt Keeper
  • Chocolate Hashberry

Things To Do In Roseville After Medicating

1. Antique Trove

An absolutely massive antique mall for some leisurely strolling and shopping experience, it also has some really good dining options.

2. Miners Ravine Trail Loop

A serene and peaceful walking trail, this one is great if you want some alone time away from the crowds.

3. Golfland Sunsplash

A water-themed amusement park with a plethora of rides. Perfect if splashing in water and having fun on rides is what you feel like doing after your daily dose of MMJ.

4. All American Speedway

If you like fast cars and races, head here for a weekend race. You can watch NASCAR races as well as other local smaller events.

So we’ve come to the end of our city-guide for Roseville. Keep checking the city website from time to time for any updates on local laws. We hope this guide has been helpful in clearing any doubts you might have had regarding purchase of medical cannabis and marijuana cards in Roseville.