How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Riverside, California

Riverside was founded around 1870 and is located on the Inland Empire metropolitan area. The city is known as the motherland to California’s citrus industry, which is a pretty big deal considering how much boom the navel orange brought to the city’s revenue. Leaning more Republican (compared to neighboring San Bernardino) medical marijuana in Riverside is a complicated subject.

  • What are the current MMJ laws in Riverside?
  • How do I get an MMJ card near me in Riverside?
  • Where can I buy medical-grade cannabis in Riverside?
  • What are some things to do in Riverside while medicated?

History of Medical Marijuana in Riverside

Riverside is one of the cities in California that are less than enthusiastic about medical and recreational marijuana. According to Press Enterprise, Riverside emptied $800,000 from their city’s wallet to shut down medical marijuana dispensaries. After some battles and bickering they finally came to the resolution to allow those with medical marijuana cards to grow a limited amount of marijuana on their own property.

If you’re looking for a rating on Riverside’s tolerance to cannabis, lets just say they don’t have a rep for being one of the ‘chiller’ cities in California.

Even though Riverside had a ban on the books against medical marijuana dispensaries, 2015 saw the emergence of a movement to pass “ Measure A,” a proposed initiative to permit cannabis dispensaries in Riverside.

Furthermore, Measure A was designed to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries in order to keep the distribution of marijuana under strict supervision.

However, many Riverside residents could not be swayed by any perceived economic incentive that MMJ dispensaries would bring to the city. When the ballots were finally sent almost 15,000 votes (that’s almost 60% of Riverside’s population) voted a resounding “No.”

The official campaign against MMJ dispensaries claimed that Measure A, “…is supported by medical marijuana shops that put their financial interests ahead of neighborhood public safety,” and is also, “bad for our children.”

This claim is not so far fetched considering the dangers that sometimes circulate around marijuana dispensaries. For instance, this past June there was a shooting inside one of Riverside’s marijuana dispensaries.

The Riverside police reported that an armed group came into the dispensary with the intentions of robbing the dispensary but when an employee approached them, gunfire went off. The result was, one employee being rushed the hospital in critical conditions. Just around that same time a similar case occurred in a San Bernard dispensary.

It’s important to remember that California has strict laws regarding the possession and growth of Marijuana. For instance, growing and selling Marijuana for profit continues to be illegal in the state. The Sheriff’s Department of Riverside is especially interested in enforcing the regulations against growing Marijuana in the county.

However, just last November the police went onto a property owner’s house that was reported to be growing 600 marijuana plants in their home in Riverside. The people who lived around the neighborhood seemed quite disturbed by this news. They felt the growing of marijuana plants, especially on this level, imposed on their safety and disturbs their leisure and comforts. Nonetheless, the police left without any arrests or any illegal sightings.

By January of 2016 Riverside reopened the debate over the growth and use of Medical Marijuana in their county. Medical Marijuana patients or caregivers would now be allowed to grow up to 8 plants on their personal property with a valid medical marijuana ID card. The law has a safeguard in that it also states that the patient can lose their license to grow if the equipment used causes a ‘disturbance’ to the neighbors/community. Read more about the debate and proposals here.

As of now, that is where the MMJ debate stands in Riverside, but as with all policy, particularly on the city-level, this may change shortly (or maybe just stay the course).

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card Near me in Riverside

Riverside isn’t known for having a cannabis friendly mentality, and it’s no secret that the people of the town like to cling to their traditions. The city comes from an old farming lineage, after all (ironic though that they wouldn’t appreciate the cultivation of such a fine crop as cannabis).

Lets just say they’re more into growing oranges than greens. However, have no fear, or anxiety attacks, or stress, take a minute, take a breath, take a hit and let go, because you do have options.

Before we cover your options, need we remind you of the ABSOLUTE NECESSITY of obtaining your own medical marijuana card to purchase legal, medical-grade cannabis in the state of California. You can get your MMJ card by finding a cannabis doctor near you who is willing to write a recommendation. Though not all doctors are willing to recommend weed as a treatment, there are several online directories that provide lists of doctors and medical professionals (including clinics) that are 420-friendly. Check out Yelp, Weedmaps, or Leafly for said rated and reviewed lists.

Alternatively, you could apply for a marijuana card online! Nowadays there’s not even a need to book an appointment or get up and run out of your house for a doctor’s consultation. With NuggMD, you can get your MMJ card from the comfort of your home in less than 30 minutes!

After logging on, you will be promted to fill out some paperwork, afterwhich you have your tele-consultation with one of Nugg’s certified medical professionals. If (s)he approves, you’ll get your rec emailed to you immediately (after processing the economical $39 patient fee). We never charge unless you’re approved, and with Nugg, you have the option of requesting a wallet-sized MMJ card so you won’t need to carry around the paper rec!

As for the official paper rec, don’t worry, it’ll arrive within 3 to 5 days, but all you need is the PDF we send you to browse the selection of medication at any of California’s dispensaries or delivery services!

Where do I buy MMJ near me in Riverside

Riverside presently prohibits medical marijuana dispensaries, so if you enjoy the experience of physically being in a dispensary, you may need to find a cannabis dispensary in a nearby city. However, with Nugg, you’ll be able to browse the menus from all of our partnered dispensaries and delivery services so that you can get the buds you want for the price you want. And we can’t reiterate this enough–You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your house!

Now is a good time to praise Riverside’s very own marijuana strain. Can you guess the name? Yup, you got it, ‘ Riverside OG.’ If you are in need of a strain that stimulates hunger, acts as a pain relief, and as a sleep aid, this is your strain. It’s definitely worth trying if you are suffering from a mild to chronic disease.

Places to See While under the Herbal Influence

California Citrus State Historical Park

Naturally (pun intended), you should check out the California Citrus State Historical Park, where you can traverse over 300 acres of trails and orange groves. For official hours and ‘things to do’ around the park check out the park’s official website.

Graffiti Waterfall

If you’re interested in fusing nature and art with your high, check out Graffiti Waterfall.

Evergreen Memorial Historic Cemetery

If you’re into graveyards and silence check out Evergreen Memorial Historic Cemetery. It’s full of (hauntingly) beautiful mausoleums and gravestones that make it a perfect place to chill and reflect.

Tio’s Tacos

Now, what kind of list would this be if we didn’t provide you with at least one place to eat? Tio’s Tacos is the spot! This joint not only offers a delicious snack but a hmm how do we put this…well…place to see. Let’s call it a sort of permanent folk art exhibition of up-cycled materials. Unsurprisingly, we support all, or most, forms of recycling , arts and tacos. Check them out on art bound where a short documentary features the Sanchez family. Sweet.

March Field Air Museum

We had to slip at least one museum on this list, but really this place is just rad. When you head over to March Field Air Museum you can see the fastest planes in the world to historical military planes.