How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Richmond, California

Richmond is a port city on the eastern fringes of the San Francisco Bay Area. Located within Costa Contra County, the city has a population of around 110,000. As an active seaport, there is a significant amount of industry in the city. Chevron, for instance, has a major oil refinery there. And while many cities in California have taken a less than friendly stance towards MMJ, medical marijuana in Richmond is thriving.

  • What are the current medical marijuana laws in Richmond?
  • Where can I get an MMJ card near me in Richmond?
  • How does an online 420 evaluation work?
  • Where can I get dank MMJ in Richmond?
  • What are some of the more popular strains of MMJ in Richmond?
  • What are some things to do in Richmond while medicated?

Medical Marijuana Laws In Richmond, CA

As was alluded to earlier, Richmond has progressively become more accepting and has relaxed medical marijuana regulations over time. By 2009, Richmond had 8 dispensaries operating within city limits with no signs of a regulatory framework on the books. An urgent moratorium was passed by the City Council in December of 2009 which temporarily banned all MMJ dispensaries. This ban was extended in 2010 while the City Council discussed ways to regulate MMJ businesses in the city. A November 2 Ballot Measure V was successfully passed by voters in the city, paving the way for regulation and taxation of MMJ dispensaries in the city. As a result, 3 collectives were given permission to operate in 2010, while 3 more permits were issued in 2012.

In 2016 while many cities were passing anti-MMJ legislation as a response to California’s Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act of 2015, Richmond chose to go in the opposite direction. Faced with a budget deficit of $12 million, the city welcomed expansion of the MMJ industry with open arms, allowing commercial grows and edibles kitchens in the city. Canna-business is expected to pay rich dividends to the city in the form of taxes.

Richmond is one of the most cannabis friendly cities in California. There are at least 8 legal dispensaries and numerous cannabis related businesses operating or planning to open legally within the city, subject to rules and regulations specified by the city council. You can find more information regarding MMJ rules in the Richmond municipal code.

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card near me in Richmond?

Richmond is friendlier towards 420 than scores of other cities in California. The legal cannabis dispensaries and collectives make it so all you need is a doctor’s recommendation (MMJ card, weed card, it’s all the same thing) and you’ll have easy access to all the legal cannabis you would like.

To get a doctor’s rec in Richmond, all you need to do is find a nearby MMJ doctor to write you said cannabis recommendation. These 420-friendly doctors can most easily be found in one of the many cannabis clinics offering in-person consultations dotting the California landscape. To find a medical marijuana doctor near you, use online directories like Yelp, Weedmaps, and Leafly.

How Does Doing Your 420 Evaluation Online Work?

Applying for an MMJ online is incredibly easy with NuggMD. Once on our site all you need to do is fill out a simple questionnaire and your information will be forwarded to one of our doctors to review the information. Next (s)he will call you for a tele-consultation to discuss your application. If the doctor approves, you’ll be immediately sent a PDF of your doctor’s rec which you can use to make your first purchase of legal MMJ. The official paper copy will arrive within 3 to 5 days if you want to head to a local dispensary in person! The process takes under 30 minutes and is in complete compliance with HIPAA laws and California state regulations.

A basic doctor’s recommendation costs $39, or you can opt for a flashy new wallet-sized cannabis ID card for a few dollars more. Both work equally well for your purpose. The card just happens to be easier to carry around is all.

Where do I buy legal medical marijuana in Richmond?

Once you have your doctor’s rec you can head to one of the many licensed cannabis clinics in Richmond to make all your medical marijuana purchases.Alternatively, you can use Nugg to get cannabis delivered right to your doorstep. Nugg is the biggest platform of its kind in California, with a vast network of partnered cannabis dispensaries and delivery services throughout the state. You can browse their menus and place orders on our site, and deliveries are made quickly and discreetly. Unless you really have the time to spare to head out to an MMJ dispensary yourself, buying from Nugg is the quickest and most convenient way to get some medical green in Richmond.

Popular MMJ Strains Near Richmond

Buying buds can be daunting, especially when there is such a plethora of high-quality flowers on the market. Here’s a list of some of the more popular MMJ strains in Richmond:

  • Empress Candy
  • Quiet Storm
  • Afroy
  • Cookies
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Cornbread
  • White Buffalo
  • Grease Monkey
  • Malawi Mimosa

Things to Do In Richmond After Medicating

1. Point Isabel

Point Isabel is great place to take a stroll and relax (bonus points if you have a dog, as you can let him go unleashed) after your daily dose of MMJ. With 30 acres of verdant space, including beaches and mud puddles, it’s the perfect all-terrain outdoor area for an enjoyable afternoon in Richmond.

2. Marina Bay Trail

If you just feel like drinking in the glorious scenery of the Bay Area after a dose of MMJ, head to this clean and beautiful trail that hugs the coastline. You get views of the San Francisco skyline, the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as the Oakland and Berkeley hills.

3. Century 16 Hilltop

If you want to catch a movie, this local theater is the place to go. The ice cream parlor and arcade are the perfect accompaniment while you wait to relax in the theater.

4. Pacific East Mall

This vibrant mall offers one of the best shopping experiences in Richmond. There are bakeries, gift shops, and numerous restaurants, with some particularly good Asian cuisine on offer.

We’ve reached the end our guide on MMJ in Richmond. Nugg hopes you’ve learned a thing or two and that this guide was useful. Once again, make sure to check out the city’s official website for any important updates on local cannabis laws. Stay safe and have fun in Richmond!