How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Queens, New York

Thanks to New York Assembly Bill 6357 passed in 2014, medical marijuana is now legal under a state-regulated medical marijuana program and in Queens. Even though Queens is home to one of the 19 dispensaries in New York, many residents of Queens still have a lot of questions about how to access medical marijuana.

No worries! In this article, we’ll give you the 4-1-1 on MMJ details in Queens.

  • Medical Marijuana Doctors in Queens
  • Medical Marijuana Lawyers in Queens
  • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries serving the Queens
  • Places to see in Queens while enjoying cannabis
  • A Few Fun Facts about the city

Medical Marijuana Doctors in Queens

Let’s start at the beginning. To be eligible for New York’s Medical Marijuana Program you need to have a qualifying medical condition. Once you confirm you qualify, you then need to seek out a practitioner who is registered in the program to give you a written certification for medical marijuana. You can also get your written recommendation online from an authorized telemedicine doctor

If you are doing the in-person option, you can either start by seeing your primary physician. If your primary physician is not registered in the program, he or she can refer you to someone who is. If you don’t feel comfortable seeing your personal doctor, you can access a recently released, partial list of practitioners who are registered in the New York Medical Marijuana Program. There are 12 MMJ doctors in Queens on the Department of Health’s official Registered Practitioner list. Here are five MMJ doctors who are registered with the Compassionate Care Program in New York:

Noel Fleischer

9423 60thAvenue



George Juang

136-30 Maple Avenue, Suite 1G



Lewis Marshall

8931 161stStreet, Lobby 1



Stephen Vitale

11110 Jamaica Avenue

Richmond Hill


Roxanne Hobbs Green

217-89 Hempstead Avenue



Medical Cannabis Lawyers in Queens

Since the Medical Marijuana Program is so new and much stricter in New York than in other states, there are a lot of legal questions you may need to be clarified. For that reason, it’s just smart to have an experienced lawyer with experience in marijuana-related law on your speed dial.

There are currently 40 attorneys with experience in marijuana law who serve Queens. Here’s a few to get you started.

Many attorneys are happy to give a free consultation to answer any questions you many have about the medical marijuana laws in New York. They can enlighten you about your rights and your responsibilities according to the law.

Queens Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Visiting a dispensary for the first time can be both exciting and overwhelming. There is currently one dispensary located in Queens.

Vireo – Queens

89-55 Queens Boulevard

The first New York Registered Organization approved for medical marijuana home deliveries; Vireo has optimized technology to serve more patients. Not only can you make an appointment online, who can also do your consultation and order your products online as well. They are also open seven days per week at the dispensary. Be sure to bring cash because it is the only type of currency they accept.

All new patients will need to meet with Vireo staff for about 30 minutes for a first-time consultation appointment. They’ll answer your questions and recommend products that may work best for your particular condition. Be sure to bring both your written certification and your NY Medical Marijuana Card as both items are required to purchase medical marijuana.

Vireo offers five different brands, coded by color; CBD dominants include blue and indigo, THC dominants include red and yellow, and the balanced THC/CBD is the green brand. They offer sublingual tinctures, vaporization oil and cartridges, and oral capsules.

Places to See While Medicated

Queens is home some of the best places to visit when enjoying your cannabis. There’s a little something for everyone in Queens, so here are some options you may want to check out depending on your mood.

  • The oldest beer hall in New York and undoubtedly the best, you must head toBohemian Hallto chill with some brews and take in some exceptional people-watching. Not only is the food and drink fantastic, but they often have live music or festivals you can participate in.
  • If you’re feeling active while elevated, head over toAstoria Parkfor one or more of their many active pursuits. They have tennis courts, track, a gorgeous public pool, basketball courts, and playgrounds. Because not everyone knows about it or visits, it’s usually not full, and you can enjoy quiet moments once you’ve had your fill of hoopin’ and swinging on the monkey bars.
  • For those who like to wax artistic and philosophic when they are under the influence, theNoguchi Museumis the place to do it.Explore the works of one of the 20thcentury’s most talented and celebrated sculptors whose work was more than art but a commentary on the world around him. The museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but on the first Friday of the month in May – September they extend their hours to 8 pm with a cash bar.
  • Eddie’s Sweet Shop in Forest Hillsis the place to be once the munchies kick in. Gigantic sundaes and overly generous banana splits abound in this old-timey ice cream parlor. While they are closed on Mondays, weekdays they are open from 1 – 11:30 pm and weekends from 12 – 11:30 pm, so you have plenty to get there after another outing!

Fun Facts About the City

  1. Queens was named for Catherine of Braganza, the Queen of England and wife of King Charles II of England.
  2. It should be Hip-Hop’s capital with such talents like Run D.M.C., L.L. Cool J, A Tribe Called Quest, Mobb Deep, Nicki Minaj, and Nas calling it home.
  3. Rockaway Beach in Queens was made famous by the Ramones.