How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Pomona, California

Pomona is a city with a population of around 150,000, nestled in the Pomona Valley region. It is located towards the eastern edge of LA County, between San Gabriel Valley and the Inland Empire. The city was named after the “Roman Goddess of fruit” and incorporated in 1888. The name proved quite apt, as the city became a key center of citrus production in the first half of the 20thcentury. As for medical marijuana in Pomona… the City Council seems to harbor sentiments of hostility towards both medical and recreational cannabis. After reading this article, you should know about:

  • Medical Marijuana laws in Pomona
  • How to get an MMJ card in Pomona
  • Where to buy legal, high-quality buds in Pomona
  • Advice on what strains to buy in Pomona
  • Advice of what to do on a medicated afternoon in Pomona

Marijuana Laws in Pomona

The city passed its first major law related to marijuana in February 2008. Ordinance no. 4096 prohibited cultivation or sale of medical marijuana within the city limits and zoning areas. The full text of the original ordinance can be found here.

When the California State legislature passed the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act in 2015, one of its clauses caused widespread consternation among local governments across California. This clause specified that in the absence of any local government laws regulating medical marijuana, the State agencies would apply their law in that area. This kicked off a virtual stampede of bans in the first half of 2016, with many cities scrambling to pass their own bans. A detailed account of the bans in cities near and including Pomona can be found in this article.

As things stand, anything related to Proposition 64 notwithstanding, growing, selling, and delivering weed within the city limits of Pomona is prohibited. You can read more about the latest updates of the Pomona municipal code and marijuana laws on their website.

Why should I get an MMJ Card and How Do I Get a Medical Marijuana Card Near Me in Pomona?

Let’s get the ‘why’ part out of the way right away. If you plan to buy from shady drug dealers, no, you do not need a cannabis card. But if you do get caught by the police while carrying some stuff, medical or otherwise, you will definitely wish you had an MMJ card. If you want take advantage of all the legal, medical-grade cannabis in California, you need a cannabis card.

California voters may have legalized recreational marijuana use, but that doesn’t kick in until 2018. And that is a best case scenario, if the Federal government decides to play nice. But there is every indication that they may not, under the able leadership of President Trump and especially his nominees for key roles in his administration.

So it may be good idea to get an MMJ card right now. In the state of California, to be eligible for medical marijuana, you need to have some kind of medical or physical condition which can be improved by consumption of marijuana. It could be something serious, like AIDS or cancer, or it could be something related to chronic pain, like arthritis, migraine or even minor sports injuries.

More important than the severity of the condition is the availability of a suitable doctor. Now, any qualified medical doctor can get you a prescription for MMJ. But many do not, thanks to a negative attitude towards marijuana. The trick is in finding a cannabis doctor nearby who is not prejudiced against marijuana and its medical benefits.

As is almost the norm these days, the best way to find a good MMJ doctor for an in-person consultation is by looking through reviews of doctors in Pomona or the nearby cities that are 420-friendly. Check out Yelp, Weedmaps, and Leafly to find a doctor that is to your liking. But finding one is less than half the job. Now you have to fix an appointment for your consultation.

Or you could just get on the internet and apply for an MMJ card online! NuggMD’s online portal for getting a medical marijuana card is quick and easy, and can be done from anywhere. NuggMD has an agreement with the D’Ambrosio Medical Group, whose qualified physicians will provide on-demand consultations on MMJ applications.

After a few intake questions (personal info, medical history, etc) you’ll be connected with one of NuggMD’s doctors for a tele-consultation. The whole process takes around 30 minutes (and did we mention that you can do it from any web-enabled device?!). The benefits of using NuggMD’s MMJ card service is not only is reasonable fee (only $39 for an MMJ card), but the fact that you are only charged if the doctor approves your application. A PDF of your rec will be emailed immediately with the official paper copy arriving within a few days, but you can start ordering cannabis immediately. Nugg even helps you with our network of partnered delivery services and dispensaries.

How Do I Get Medical Marijuana Near Me in Pomona?

For a city that has banned medical marijuana completely, Pomona does have its fair share of MMJ clinics and dispensaries in the surrounding areas. If not within the city limits itself, you can reliably find a weed dispensary somewhere in the Inland Empire-San Gabriel Valley Region. Or you can just head to downtown LA which is less than 30 miles away.

A good alternative if you aren’t motivated to go for a drive and find a physical dispensary is finding a delivery service that serves the Pomona area. At Nugg, we partner with cannabis dispensaries and delivery services throughout California, so you’re sure to find one that has the product you’re looking for that can be delivered right to you in Pomona!

Good Medical Marijuana Strains Available Near Pomona

The following are some great Indica/sativa/hybrid strains making waves at dispensaries in the LA region in 2016:

  • Green Crack
  • Kosher OG
  • CannaSutra OG
  • Snow OG
  • Mega Wellness OG

Things To Do After Medicating in Pomona

1. Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum

If you are into hot rods, drag racing or just fast cars in general, take a walk around this museum. There are some pretty dope cars on display, especially the older model dragsters. The NHRA also convenes regular events involving Hot Rod legends from the past.

2. Second Street Promenade

Art, restaurants, bars, outdoor music — there is a lot to choose from when you visit the Promenade in Pomona. That’s a good thing too, as you never know what you feel like doing next after a solid dose of a good OG.

3. The Rookery

If crafts beers are your passion, head to The Rookery for a taste of some of the best brews in town. Take our word for it: It’s a great place to hang out.

4. L.A. County Fair

Strictly for those MMJ-aficionados who like strolling among crowds and doing fun stuff with friends. You get carnival rides, parades, fair animals and even the occasional live music performance or art exhibition. This makes for an excellent way to pass the hours during the California summer.

Whatever you plan to do after taking your dose of MMJ, please try to stay away from driving if at all possible. This is for your safety as well as those of others on the road. The cops do not take kindly to DUID offenses and you could land in serious trouble if you do get pulled over. And chances of getting into an accident are also increased when you have high quantities of THC in your bloodstream. Try not to give the MMJ legalization campaigns a bad name by adding to the statistics of DUID. Anti-marijuana campaigners sure do love those. Stay safe and take cab or ride-share to go have a fun time in Pomona!