How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Pasadena, California

This article will benefit all the existing or prospective medical marijuana patients in Pasadena, California. A five-minute read will answer the following questions:

  • What are the current medical marijuana laws in Pasadena?
  • How do I get an MMJ card near me in Pasadena?
  • How does an online 420 evaluation work?
  • Where can I get quality, medical-grade and legal buds in Pasadena?
  • What are some of the more popular strains of MMJ in Pasadena?
  • What’s there to do in Pasadena while medicated?

Current Medical Marijuana Laws in Pasadena

It has been almost two decades since medical marijuana has been legalized in California with the passage of Proposition 215. One of the problems with this proposition was that it left the regulation of medical marijuana to the individual cities and counties in California. Most of the cities in California took advantage of this situation and placed bans on MMJ dispensaries as well as marijuana cultivation – Pasadena is one such city.

In September 2005, the City Council of Pasadena passed Ordinance No. 7018 that banned all the medical marijuana dispensaries within the city limits. A later 2012 ordinance updated this ordinance to reiterate this prohibition.

In 2015, Governor Jerry Brown enacted a series of laws dealing with the cultivation and sale of medical marijuana. According to bills AB243 and AB266, all the California municipalities that allow cannabis dispensaries within their city limits had to relinquish MMJ regulation to the state of California if they did not pass their own reglations before a deadline of March 1, 2016. In response, the Pasadena City Council passed an ordinance that not only prohibited marijuana cultivation, but also banned the delivery of medical marijuana in the city.

However, there is still a battle that is ongoing. In September 2016, the Pasadena Health Department advised the Pasadena City Council to get rid of the MMJ ban. Michael Johnson, the Public Health Director of Pasadena, said,“Because there are benefits to legitimately prescribed medical marijuana, we would recommend that, in order to ensure access for those legitimate purposes, the ordinance be amended to allow delivery under the state license program”.

Now that Proposition 64 has legalized recreational marijuana in California, there is a hope that things will change for the better in Pasadena. Whether the city lifts its ban on medical dispensaries has yet to be seen.

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card near me in Pasadena

Even though recreational marijuana has theoretically been legalized via the passage of Proposition 64, the proposition doesn’t go into effect until 2018. Therefore, you still need a medical marijuana card to legally buy medical cannabis in Pasadena. An MMJ card is a state-authorized card that states that you are eligible for using medical marijuana, which is great because cannabis is still illegal at a federal level. So how do you go about acquiring a cannabis card in Pasadena?

The entire process of applying for a MMJ card has become a whole lot easier nowadays. You only need to get in touch with a licensed doctor who is marijuana friendly – this doctor can even be your primary physician. More often than not, your GP will hesitate to prescribe medical marijuana for your medical ailment. If this is the case, you can locate a medical marijuana doctor near you that is willing to write a cannabis rec. These doctors will evaluate your condition and give you a doctor’s recommendation if they think you are eligible under Proposition 215. When you are looking for licensed MMJ doctors in Pasadena, use the resources like Yelp, Weedmaps, and Leafly.

How does a 420 evaluation work?

Applying for an MMJ card has never been easier. You can access NuggMD from any web-enabled device, anytime you want! All we ask you to do is fill in a few of your personal information as well as the medical questionnaire that only asks relevant questions. After you fill in all these details, you will be asked to choose a package. How much a cannabis card costs you depends on the package that you choose.

When you choose our basic package, you will get a doctor’s recommendation for using medical marijuana for only $39! This recommendation is all that you need to legally buy medical marijuana from any marijuana dispensaries in Pasadena and California on the whole. However, NuggMD also offers a shiny, new, wallet-sized MMJ-card for those of us who love the convenience of having proof without worrying about ruining the paper-rec.

NuggMD prides itself on its 99% customer satisfaction rate, and we guarantee you that our prices are the best on the market. One of the highlights of NuggMD is the fact that you only pay for your package if your medical marijuana application is successful. If for some reason the doctor doesn’t approve your request, the consultation is absolutely free!

Once you have chosen the package, one of Nugg’s licensed doctors will get in touch with you. They will have a chat with you over phone, and evaluate whether your medical condition warrants the use of medical marijuana. All the doctors that we use are extremely knowledgeable and are well-known for their bedside manner. If the doctor thinks your quality of life will improve with medical marijuana, you will get a PDF copy of the recommendation, almost immediately on your email address. This e-copy can be used to purchase cannabis at any marijuana dispensaries, including Nugg’s online delivery service.

The official copy of the doctor’s recommendation (along with the MMJ card – if your package includes it) will arrive in the mail within 3 to 5 days. When you receive this official copy, you will be a legal MMJ patient in California and be protected under the state law.

Where can I get quality MMJ in Pasadena?

Even though the Pasadena City Council placed a ban on the medical marijuana dispensaries within the city limits, there are a few cannabis dispensaries that operate in the city. If you are thinking about buying cannabis from these dispensaries, just keep in mind that these stores are illegal since they are violating zoning codes. Since Pasadena is in Los Angeles County, you’ll be able to definitely find legal dispensaries in the Greater Los Angeles area.

If you don’t want to risk visiting unlicensed dispensaries or prefer the convenience on online shopping, try buying your buds with Nugg. With Nugg, there’s no need to leave your home in order to acquire the best cannabis strains in Pasadena. Our online platform allows you to browse menus from local MMJ dispensaries and find one that delivers to you!

What are the Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Pasadena?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of strains of MMJ that are being sold throughout California. Some of the most popular cannabis strains in California at the moment include:

  • Blue Dream
  • OG Kush
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Green Crack
  • Sour Diesel
  • Bubba Kush
  • Fire OG
  • Jack Herer
  • Skywalker OG
  • SFV OG

Must-Visit Pasadena Attractions while on MMJ

Being a part of L.A. county, Pasadena is excellently positioned if you would like to enjoy a medicated afternoon outdoors either in the city itself or one of Pasadena’s neighboring cities. Still, Pasadena is home to plenty of attractions, from museums to gorgeous botanical gardens. After taking your medication for the day in Pasadena, head out and explore this city with its unique history.

1. Laugh Your Heart Out at the Ice House Comedy Club

Ice House Comedy Club has been open since the 60s and it shows. The venue is decorated in a vintage style that is very retro and reminiscent of that era. Home to a courtyard and two showrooms, this club gets approximately 7,000 visitors every month. Some of the famous comedians that have performed here include the late Robin Williams, Jay Leno, and Jerry Seinfeld. Head to this comedy club after medicating yourself, and have the time of your life laughing out loud!

2. Take a Stroll through Old Town Pasadena

If you can’t make up your mind about where you want to go, try a walk in Old Town Pasadena. Also considered the Pasadena Business District, Old Town boasts several entertainment and dining options, as well as galleries, shops, cafés, and museums.

3. Relax at the Arlington Garden

Although Pasadena has over 20 parks, the Arlington Garden is the only dedicated public garden in this city. The beauty of this garden can’t be explained in words, you just gotta visit to experience it. You’ll find cacti, orange groves and an Italian inspired walkway lined with olive trees. Open throughout the year, admission is free for all visitors!