How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Ontario, California

Located in what is described as Inland Empire West, Ontario is an example of a California city that, despite a larger, state-wide acceptance of medical and recreational cannabis, maintains a decidedly anti-marijuana stance. Despite it’s hard-line against medical marijuana, as an Ontario resident, you are able (and required) to get a medical marijuana card to take advantage of California’s liberal medical and recreational weed laws. After reading this article, you’ll be able to answer questions on the following topics:

  • Medical Marijuana Laws in Ontario
  • How to get a MMJ recommendation in Ontario
  • Where and How to buy legal cannabis in Ontario
  • What to do to spend a few hours while medicated in Ontario

Medical Marijuana Laws in Ontario

The Golden State approved the Compassionate Use Act, or Proposition 215, in 1996. The law gives seriously ill California citizens “the right to obtain and use marijuana for medical purposes.” However individual California cities and counties were permitted to adopt their own framework and restrictions regarding MMJ dispensaries and delivery services.

And that is exactly what the County of San Bernardino, where Ontario is located, did. Ordinance MC-1243, passed in March 2007, placed a temporary ban on the establishment and operation of MMJ dispensaries in the county. In April 2007, Ordinance MC-1244 was also approved, which further solidified the ban on medical marijuana dispensaries.

The reasoning behind the restrictive ordinances can be summarized in this quote by a government official:“Cities in California continue to receive mixed messages from the state and federal governments regarding the legality of marijuana for medicinal purposes and the establishment and operation of medical marijuana dispensaries. This confusion has increasingly led to wasted taxpayers dollars as cities have been caught in the middle”.

Though the city itself has the right to define its own ordinances that differ from the county, Ontario strictly follows the ordinances laid down by the county. In fact, Ontario made a few changes to the MMJ dispensaries ban to incorporate the mobile dispensaries as well in October 2013. The city council then adopted an ordinance in December 2014 that prohibited all cultivation of medical marijuana within city limits.

And, despite recreational cannabis being legalized via Prop 64, in August 2016 the Board of Supervisors of the San Bernardino County voted that even if recreational marijuana gets legalized, it will still remain illegal in the unincorporated areas of this county.

From the looks of it, it seems like Ontario as well as the county is not willing to budge on the medical marijuana issue.

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Ontario?

A medical marijuana card is the most indispensable document needed to purchase medical marijuana from any dispensaries in the US. The validity of cannabis card is one year; however, it can be renewed from any cannabis clinics in your city. All it takes is a recommendation from a certified medical professional and you get access to all of California’s dispensaries and delivery services to medicate yourself. There is no lack of online directories to find an in-person doctor near you. Three of the most trustworthy are:

One of your best options of cannabis-friendly clinics near Ontario is GreenVW in Upland, California. Open all seven days of the week, this clinic charges $55 for new patients and $35 for renewals. But…did you know you could get a medical marijuana card right from the comforts of your home? NuggMD gets you in touch with licensed doctors for an MMJ consultation without an appointment and from the comfort of your home. Via a web-enabled device, just fill out a few of your personal and medical details, and you are good to go. If the doctor approves your marijuana card application , you will be emailed a PDF copy of your cannabis card immediately. The entire process takes about 30 minutes and costs $39 for new-patients.

You can use the PDF copy of your rec to immediately purchase MMJ from any cannabis dispensary on the same day itself. The hard copy should reach you in 3 to 5 business days. One of the advantages of using our online doctor platform is that you only pay if your application is successful. Nugg even offers a $20 credit for your first purchase via our online cannabis delivery portal.

Where can you find Premium Quality Medical Marijuana in Ontario?

When it comes to scoring premium quality medical marijuana in Ontario, you have a couple of options. Your first option is to visit one of the cannabis dispensaries in and around the city. We recommend going to the renowned Chubby’s Med House on Moreno Street in Montclair.

This MMJ dispensary is one of the highly rated dispensaries (4.9 stars) in Ontario and has received over 1650 reviews. Whether you are looking for Indica, Hybrid, Sativa, edibles or extracts, you will find a lot of options at this dispensary. The best thing about this place is that the rates here are quite economical, an eighth of OG Kush costs about $35 ($10 for a gram).

If you do not feel like heading out of home to buy your MMJ, use the second option of online cannabis delivery systems. As we’ve alluded to, Nugg is partnered with delivery services throughout California. You can compare prices of strains across dispensaries and browse everything from flower to edibles. Once you find the best deal, all that you need to do is place an order online.

Popular MMJ Strains in Ontario

Already got a cannabis card and have shortlisted the MMJ dispensaries and online stores you want to check out? The next step is to decide what medical marijuana strain is the ideal one for you. Still, if you don’t have time to browse our articles on the best and worst vape cartridges , here’s a list of the most popular medical marijuana strains in the City of Ontario.

  • Granddaddy Purple
  • OG Kush
  • Purple Kush
  • Sour Diesel
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Green Crack
  • Blue Dream
  • Fire OG
  • Bubba Kush
  • Jack Herer
  • Skywalker OG

Prices vary from city to city and dispensary to dispensary, so it’s imperative to compare and contrast to get the most bang for your buck. Keep an eye out for deals as many dispensaries and delivery services run specials that change weekly or even daily.

Places to Visit after Taking Your Dose of MMJ in Ontario

Located approximately 40 miles east of LA in San Bernardino County, the City of Ontario is one of the transportation and industrial hubs of California. Ontario is home to attractions that appeal to all types of people, right from music lovers and shoppers to sports fans and wine connoisseurs. If you don’t want to stay cooped up in your home after using medical marijuana, here are different things you can do in Ontario while medicated.

Attend a Concert or a Game at Citizens Business Bank Arena

Citizens Business Bank Arena is the home base for the Ontario Reign, the minor-league hockey team of Ontario. This arena opened in 2008, and accommodates around 9500 people during hockey games, concerts, and rodeos. Home to 36 suites, the Citizens Business Bank Arena provides a whole range of VIP facilities. Prior to the opening of this arena, people had to travel to Orange County or downtown LA to attend major concerts.

Appreciate Art at the Chaffey Community Museum of Art (CCMA)

The main aim of Chaffey Community Museum of Art is to rouse the interest of people in the Californian artists. Located on South Lemon Avenue in Ontario, CCMA is one of Inland Empire’s oldest organizations. At this museum, you will be able to see several works by current artists, who are either famous nationally or just within the region. This is the perfect place to visit if you want to understand the potential of local artists and appreciate their art.

Go Shopping at the Ontario Mills Malls

Bo Derek said, “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping”. And boy, is she right! Ontario Mills Mall is home to numerous high-end and popular discount stores that cannot be found in the nearby outlet malls. This indoor mall offers you discounts on well-known brands like Hollister, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, as well as Converse.