How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Long Beach, California

Long Beach is one of California’s, if not the country’s, most recognizable, culturally and economically influential cities. For years it’s been associated with cannabis thanks to its hometown hero iconic rapper / mogul / entrepreneur / cannabis ambassador and sommelier, Snoop Dogg. In spite of some past legal ups and downs, the city’s size, cultural influence, beach culture, tourism, and diverse ethnic mix will most likely make it set the bar for Southern California’s booming medical marijuana industry. After reading it, you’ll learn about the following topics:

  • History of MMJ in Long Beach
  • Current MMJ Laws in the LBC
  • How to Get a MMJ Card in Long Beach
  • Hometown Strains & Products
  • Places to Visit While Medicated

History of MMJ in Long Beach

The process leading up to the passage ofProposition 64 and cityMeasures MM and MA has been lengthy and arduous.Long Beach first passed an ordinance regulating medical marijuana dispensaries in 2009, but in October 2011 federal prosecutors began shutting down dispensaries declared to be nothing more than fronts for drug dealers. In August 2012, in reaction the city enacted a ban on all dispensaries, forcing needy patients to get their medicine from unreliable sources or to illegally grow their own.

Despite trying to find a sensible solution to grant patients access to medical marijuana, this past February the Long Beach City Council voted 5 to 4 to continue the ban—until five months later. In July the city won a lawsuit that challenged thisban on medical marijuana dispensaries as it violated the rights of the disabledunder the Americans with Disabilities Actwho need medical marijuana for pain management.

Current MMJ Laws in the LBC

There are manycurrent marijuana laws pertaining to medical marijuana in Long Beach. Here are the most pertinent, but be aware that this is an ongoing process.


Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, legalizes the consumption, sale, possession (up to an ounce of cannabis/8 grams of concentrate)and/or growth of recreational marijuana (up to6 plants per household).However, publicly using marijuana and driving while under its influence is still against the law and will be aggressively enforced.

It also gives cities and counties the authority to set local regulations like limiting the number and location of marijuana businesses, along with the ability to outlaw them. But the proposition doesn’t permit cities like Long Beach to prohibit adults from growing, using or transporting marijuana for personal use.

The future of recreational cannabis in Long Beach remains unknown until the City Council votes on it, and even then it won’t truly become legally available until January 1, 2018.


Measure MM, or the Regulation of Medical Marijuana Businesses, is acitizen-backedinitiative ordinance that repeals the city’s ban on medical marijuana storefront dispensaries and specifieshowthe medical marijuana businesses will be regulated and conducted in Long Beach. It passed with 59% of the vote.

It allows and taxes 26 medical storefronts to initially open with the possibility of up to 32 to operate under rigid regulations. This includes going through delivery services like Nugg, as long as they’re working with permitted dispensaries, and non-retail cannabis businesses in the city. Applications could begin being processed as early as this January and applicants with priority status have six months to apply after the acceptance date.

This new revenue will be used to improve conditions and protect the citizens and patients in these communities.

Because it was the only medical marijuana measure on the ballot, it doesn’t have a tax structure for recreational use. Measure MA, on the other hand, doesprovide a blueprint for taxing both,though some believe recreational legalization will undercut medical use.


Measure MA, also known as the Long Beach Marijuana Taxation Measure, is a city backed-initiative that establishes a gross receipts tax on all aspects of the medicinal and recreational (if approved by the city) marijuana industry: growing, processing, testing, selling and distributing. It passed with 68% approval.

All marijuana businesses will be required to pay a minimum annual tax of $1,000. Medical sales will be taxed at 6%, though the rate can reach up to 8%; recreational sales will be taxed at 8%, though can reach up to 12%; processing, testing, transporting and distribution will be at 6% and can eventually reach 8%; and cultivation taxed at $12 per square foot, though the price can reach as high as $15.

The resulting annual $13 million generated will be used to pay for city services like police, firefighters, 911 response, and homeless assistance programs.

How to Get a Cannabis Card in Long Beach

As is the case with all California cities, residents need a medical marijuana rec (MMJ rec) to access legal, high-quality and medical-grade cannabis from the dispensary and delivery network established in the state. In order to get an MMJ card, you must first get a consultation by a certified medical professional, after which (s)he will recommend you medical marijuana as a treatment.

Due to pot’s Schedule I status on the federal level, many doctors aren’t comfortable recommending cannabis, but there are directories of doctors in the LBC and surrounding areas that would be more than happy to help with an MMJ rec. Check out Leafly, Yelp or Weedmaps for an extensive list. For an in-person consultation, be sure that you’ve booked an appointment and have blocked off a large portion of the day to include travel time, wait time and consultation time.

If you are an on-the-go person in the digital age, NuggMD offers an alternative means to get an MMJ card. Via your smartphone, laptop, or any web-enabled device, you can log onto the site, fill out an initial questionnaire and within minutes be connected to a doctor for a tele-consultation. The process takes about 30 minutes and at only $39 for a new patient to get an MMJ card we’re not only less expensive than most in-person doctors, but give you the added benefit of not having to take a day off and offering your Nugg’s large networks of doctors, dispensaries and delivery services at your fingertips.

Hometown Strains & Products

Here’s a quick primer on some of the LBC’s most famous and popular THC-related products.


Positive Vibrations Collective dispensary has developed their own proprietary strain, PVC OG, that’s only available from their shop. This colorful indica dominant hybrid has an earthy taste, suppresses anxiety, and is an ideal work weed that will stimulate concentration to get you through the day.


Long Beach’s hometown hero has collaborated with Grenco Science to design a vape pen that reflects the city he’s helped put on the global map. This clean, convenient portable vaporizer has a stainless steel outer casing, a hardened glass sleeve that makes it easy to load, and a long battery life and large herb chamber; plus its design is an homage to the city that reared him featuring a detailed blueprint-like roadmap of Long Beach’s city streets.

Places to Visit While Medicated

The city’s close proximity to the ocean provides several interesting, entertaining sites and activities to see and experience while enjoying your medicine.


Want to be visually and intellectually stimulated? Visitthe aquarium and discover over 11,000 animals representing over 500 different species from the world’s largest ocean. Located just across the water from the Queen Mary, see awide variety of entertaining attractions, programs, and interactive exhibits. Pet a shark, play with an otter, andget face-to-face with fish, jellyfish, penguins, sea lions, stingrays, crabs, octopi and other fascinating, beautiful aquatic creatures.


If seeing and interacting with diverse sea life indoors isn’t enough, then get on a boat and take a three hour tour around the Pacific. Breathe in the salty sea air and search for one of the various species of whale common in the area or some of the other marine life, like dolphins. And with cannabis’ anti-nausea effects seasickness shouldn’t be a problem, so leave the Dramamine at home. While finding these elusive animals can be hit or miss, for about $35 the voyage experience and prospect of discovery is worth your time and money.


Come aboard the legendary former world class ocean liner/World War II troopship, theQueen Mary . Take one of several tours through this 1,000 foot ship (including an Aquarium of the Pacific discount combo pack) and explore its rich maritime history, visit its museums, dine at of its four first-rate restaurants, shop, and even spend the night an original first class stateroom—though don’t be surprised if you see a few ghosts as it’s one of the most haunted places in America, with up to 150 lurking on board.


As one of four true pyramids in the country (others are in San Diego, Las Vegas and Memphis)this iconic 18 story pyramid is a versatile indoor arena that holds 5,000 seats. It’s home to Cal State Long Beach’s 49ers athletics, primarily men and women’s basketball and volleyball, as well as host to numerous NCAA sponsored events and non-university athletics. If you can’t get a ticket or games aren’t in season, simply relax on the grass and marvel at the size, shape, and beautiful façade of this architectural wonder.


Also located on the CSULB campus, the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden is a free trip to a beautiful, tranquil oasis amid a metropolitan backdrop. It’s filled with vibrant exotic flowers, trees, koi fish, ducks and other colorful flora and fauna so authentic you’d think you’ve been transported to an 18thcentury Japanese prefecture.


Of course, a trip to Long Beach wouldn’t be complete without the visiting one of its several beautiful beaches. Ride a bike, go in the water, throw the ball around, get a tan or just sit in the sand; whatever you do relax and enjoy the beautiful pulsating blue Pacific Ocean.