How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Chula Vista, California

A couple of months ago, a Reddit user asked the question,“Does anyone know why medical marijuana dispensaries are getting raided? Shops in North County are shutting down.”A lot of users expressed their unhappiness about how hard San Diego is in terms of zoning, while a few spoke about the fact that medical marijuana is still illegal at the federal level.

In this article you’ll discover:

  • Medical Marijuana Laws in Chula Vista
  • How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Chula Vista
  • Where to Find Great Quality MMJ in Chula Vista
  • Virtual Tour of a MMJ Dispensary in Chula Vista
  • Popular Strains of Medical Marijuana in Chula Vista
  • Places to See While Dosed on Medical Marijuana in Chula Vista
  • Medical Marijuana News in Chula Vista

MMJ Laws in Chula Vista

Through Proposition 215 (also known as the Compassion Use Act of 1996), California became the first US state to legalize medical marijuana. And now, as a result of Proposition 64, recreational use of marijuana is also legal in California. Prop 64 allows residents over 21 years of age to buy an ounce of marijuana under state law as well as establishes a framework for the cultivation and dispensing of medical cannabis.

The state of California on the whole is indeed very tolerant of marijuana, but the same cannot be said about the city of Chula Vista. In July of 2011, the Chula Vista City Council placed a ban on MMJ dispensaries citing public safety issues and budget problems. Police Chief David Bejarano stated,“We don’t have enough staffing to currently police the city, and I don’t think we need the extra burden right now.”

Chula Vista also put a ban on the cultivation of medical marijuana completely in September 2011. Up until September of 2016, Chula Vista continued to come down hard on any medical dispensaries within the city limits. They issued $100,000 fines on dispensaries that popped up in the city, however, this was still not enough to deter enterprising young cannabis businessmen and women to get a slice of the pie.

Even after the legalization of recreational marijuana, the City of Chula Vista does not seem to budge from its ‘no pot shops within city limits’ stand, and local government is thinking of banning recreational dispensaries as well. Worry not, because of marijuana’s legal status on the state level, you can still use cannabis delivery services for all your medical (and recreational) ganja needs, so long as you have a valid MMJ card.

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Chula Vista

As was alluded to earlier, under the “Compassionate Use Act of 1996” , medical professionals can recommend cannabis as a treatment for patients suffering from cancer, arthritis, migraine, anorexia, seizures, chronic pain, migraines and several other chronic ailments. The law also affords medical professionals discretion in recommending cannabis for any treatment that is not listed in the official text of the law.

So how does one get a recommendation for medical marijuana? The process is now the same for both patients suffering from a chronic illness and those who wish to capitalize on recreational herb-use. California residents are required to go through a process of getting an MMJ card through a certified medical professional and there are a few ways to go about this.

Try talking to your physicians and asking them if they are willing to prescribe medical marijuana for your ailment. If the answer is no, fret not. There are a few cannabis clinics in Chula Vista like CalMed 421 where you can go to get your MMJ evaluations. Although recently opened, this is a sister clinic of the CalMed 421 in San Diego, which has received good reviews on Yelp.

The process is similar to a normal doctor’s check-up: paperwork, a consultation, and finally, the recommendation that permits you to self medicate. Nugg can help you find doctors nearby . Besides Nugg you can alternatively use these services for directories to find an in-person doctor in Chula Vista:

If you do not want to go hunting for a doctor willing to recommend cannabis in person or have a hard time leaving your house, NuggMD is your best option. Using the secure online service, getting an MMJ card is only a few clicks away. To apply for an MMJ card , you’ll be required to fill out standard paperwork, afterwhich you are connected to an online chat/consultation with one of Nugg’s doctors. Doctors are available on NuggMD 7 days a week, and can give you a recommendation immediately. After a 20 minute consultation, you will be emailed the PDF version of the medical marijuana card instantly to use the same day, with the hard copy of the official paperwork arriving in the mail within 3 to 5 days.

Where to Find Great Quality MMJ in Chula Vista

Now that you have your MMJ-rec, you can head to any of the dispensaries in California and score yourself some quality pot. We recommend visiting the Green Lady on Emerson Street, which is open 24/7. With over 1200 five star reviews on Weedmaps, you’re sure to get quality and first-hand customer service and product knowledge by the staff. Check out Weedmaps, leafly, or Yelp for other brick-and-mortar dispensaries that you can visit.

A more convenient option as a Nugg customer is getting your buds delivered to you by one of our partnered cannabis delivery services . You can peruse the selection, compare prices and are even given discounts and deals that are constantly changing.

Virtual Tour of a MMJ Dispensary in Chula Vista

Never been inside a dispensary? Check out this tour inside Chula Vista Meds off Broadway. This “modern apothecary” offers some of the best cannabis strains and pricing in the city. A favorite strain is Northern Coast OG, a heavy Indica that is used to induce sleep. Chula Vista also offers a variety of edibles and oils that suit any patient, and boasts Happy Hours, Early Bird Specials, and return customer discounts. Whether you are a first time patient or a returning customer, the staff at this MMJ dispensary in Chula Vista will ensure that you get the best deal possible.

Popular Strains of Medical Marijuana in Chula Vista

  • Blue Dream
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Jack Herer
  • Jet Fuel OG
  • Khalifa Kush
  • Gelato

The prices of these MMJ strains vary from dispensary to dispensary as well as from city to city, but the average price for a gram of Girl Scout Cookies, for example, hovers around $15. It’s important to do your research instead of buying it from the first dispensary you visit.

Places to See While Dosed on Medical Marijuana in Chula Vista

Chula Vista has some spectacular attractions on offer such as the ARCO Olympic Training Center, Aquatica Water Park and the Otay Valley Regional Park, but that’s not all. Yelping “Chula Vista” yields excellent suggestions for a medicated day in Chula Vista:

Enjoy the Interactive Exhibits at the Living Coast Discovery Center

Located at the end of E Street in Chula Vista, the Living Coast Discovery Center gives you insights into the biodiversity of San Diego Bay and Sweetwater Marsh. Their interactive displays are a fun and entertaining way to help you learn about the ecology, geology, and natural history of the area. Inside the center, there are shark tanks, bird watching platforms, aviaries, ray tanks, and gorgeous gardens.

Watch Nature’s Color Play at the Marina

If you are a water lover and want to spend some quiet time when medicated, head to the Chula Vista marina. This marina not only offers picturesque views but easy access to the southern part of San Diego Bay as well. Whether you want to watch whales or just chill at one of the two waterfront parks, the Marina is the perfect option. Try visiting during sunset for a uniquely serene aesthetic experience.

Attend a Concert at Sleep Train Amphitheater

Sleep Train Amphitheater is located around 17 minutes away from the downtown area of San Diego in Chula Vista. This concert venue offers 10,000 reserved seats as well as additional 10,000 seats on the lawn, and is the largest concert seating venue in San Diego. Who doesn’t love concerts while medicated?