How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Hayward, California

The city of Hayward is located in the East Bay sub-region of the San Francisco Bay. The small-ish city of 150,000 is located right on top of a seismic fault, and as such the citizens of Hayward live under the constant threat of earthquakes. Modern-day Hayward is considered to be a northern expansion of the Silicon Valley and contains a few smattering of high tech companies along with several high-profile manufacturing brands. And though being Silicon Valley adjacent may bring with it the expectation to be more open to medical cannabis, Hayward is on the more conservative side in relation to medical marijuana.

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Marijuana Laws in Hayward

In several ways Hayward is an exception when it comes to the evolution of medical marijuana legislation in California. The city addedan ordinance way back in 2003 guaranteeing the safety of patients with valid cannabis cards from prosecution for possession. However, In 2010, along with a bunch of other East Bay municipalities Hayward also passeda moratorium banning medical marijuana dispensaries from operating within city limits.

That much is par for the course for pretty much a majority of similar-sized cities all across California. This NBC news article highlights some of the common reservations put forward by local governments and law enforcement officials regarding medical marijuana dispensaries. The perceived threat of increased violent crime around marijuana dispensaries has been a prime motivation for municipalities to ban these establishments within the city limits.

But the city government has changed its stance rather dramatically since 2015. First, the City Council voted to support the AB 266 marijuana regulation bill in state legislature (the bill that became the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act of 2015). And in 2016, faced with the impending prospect of a “yes” vote in the November 8 elections for Proposition 64, Hayward added a tax ordinance to the ballot.

In the face of drying revenue streams, the city has had to take a more pragmatic approach towards medical marijuana. And with increasing support for legalization in the office, it could not afford to delay any chance to earn extra revenue from taxing medical/recreational marijuana businesses within its zoning limits. Measure EE was approved on November 8th2016, and as a result any cannabis products sold within the city of Hayward in future would have an extra tax of up to 15% levied by the city.

The Impact of Proposition 64 & Measure EE

The East Bay Times expressed a verycritical view of Measure EE prior to the November 8 elections in their editorial since Proposition 64 already has provisions for excise and retail taxes, both at state and local levels. The addition of extra taxes, and that too only by three cities, could potentially scare away businesses from these areas. Moreover, Hayward doesn’t even have any legally operating dispensaries within its zones.

The outcome of the November 2016 elections indicated that medicinal marijuana businesses would have a chance to expand. The outgoing Obama administration chose not to interfere in the cannabis market in states where it has been legalized. There are some fears that the Trump administration could reverse that policy, especially with the news of Jeff Sessions as the new Attorney General. But according to this piece by CNN, despite his rather extreme views against marijuana in all its forms, the next Attorney General may not have the wherewithal to peg back the democratic will of 60% of the US population, residing in the 28 states that have legalized marijuana in some form or the other.

However, expecting recreational use of marijuana to have significant progress may be a big ask, at least for the foreseeable future. For that to happen, we need an overwhelming majority of states fully legalizing recreational cannabis use. That may be the only thing capable of forcing the Federal government to change its stance on cannabis as a Schedule I drug.

How Do I Get a MMJ Card near Me in Hayward?

Hayward had explicit provision put in an ordinance in 2003 protecting the rights of medical marijuana card holders in the city. Still, there seems to be a relative dearth ofmedical marijuana friendly doctors in Hayward. Still, there are several aggregate directories that can help you find a 420-friendly doctor in or around Hayward that offer in-person consultations for a cannabis card. Check out Yelp, Leafly and Weedmaps for said directories.

The process to getting an MMJ card via an in-person visit is just like getting a consultation for any other treatment. After you’ve found an MMJ doctor that is to your liking, book an appointment (or hope that walk-ins are accepted), have your consultation, and get your MMJ rec. It’s the tried and true, and quite frankly, retro method of getting an MMJ card.

Since we’re in the digital age, why not apply for a medical marijuana card online?! Due to California’s liberal telehealth laws, you can have doctor’s consultations online to get your cannabis rec! NuggMD is your best option to get your MMJ card with the least amount of fuss or hassle. With NuggMD, you don’t have to go on the hunt for a good doctor, block off time for an appointment, or even leave the comfort of your own house! All you have to do is log on to NuggMD, fill out some preliminary paperwork, and then you’ll be connected to a certified medical professional for your tele-consultation.

In about 30 minutes you’ll be emailed a PDF of your MMJ rec with the official paper copy arriving within a few days. You can even request a wallet-sized copy for a few bucks more and we’ll never charge you unless you’re actually approved for a rec!

How Do I Get Medical Marijuana near Me in Hayward?

The city municipal rules guarantee immunity from prosecution for valid MMJ card holders, but that is all. There are no legal cannabis dispensaries operating within city limits as of now. And with the addition of Measure EE to the city laws, any marijuana sold in the city will be more expensive than the rest of California by up to 15%. It remains to be seen if legal dispensaries will be able to/interested in setting up shop in this environment.

If you are still set on walking into a dispensary to browse its selection of cannabis, find a weed dispensary near you. Keep in mind that prices for strains vary between dispensaries.

If safety and convenience are your main concerns, buying online is the way to go. Nugg is partnered with dispensaries and delivery services throughout California that serve the Hayward area. Just visit the site, choose your location, select a dispensary from the list and choose your favorite strain.

Since you get the pot delivered to your doorstep, your safety and privacy is never under threat. And with Nugg, you can buy pot from dispensaries outside the city, which will automatically mean savings. All you have to do is ensure that the delivery is to your address, and you’re good to go.

Best Medical Marijuana Strains in Hayward

According to online sources, these are the most popular medical marijuana strains being sold in the Bay Area near Hayward:

  • Slymer
  • OG Strawberry
  • Orange Crush
  • Chill Up CBD
  • Neville’s Haze
  • Lemon Jack

Best Places To Visit in Hayward After Medicating

If you plan to head out after medicating, either alone or with friends, do consider avoiding driving with marijuana in your system. DUID is a serious offense that can put you in trouble with local law enforcement. Getting caught with DUID also needlessly gives anti-marijuana campaigners ammo to attack legalization of the herb. That being said, here are some of the best spots to hang out in Hayward after taking your dose:

1. Hayward Japanese Gardens

A must visit place to totally get lost “in the zone”. This tranquil garden offers a quiet spot away from the crowds and traffic. Great place to visit on your own to free your mind and fly.

2. Southland Mall

Malls are always good options to spend some stoned time in, provided you are okay with the crowds. Besides, a restaurant or food court is close by to stave off those inevitable cravings.

3. Memorial Park

A public park in Hayward that is another great outdoors spot to hang out with your medicated friends. There is also the bandstand that acts as a venue for musical events. If you want to do some minor hiking, this is the access point for the Greenbelt Trails.

4. Hayward Regional Shoreline

There is no dearth to great natural spots in the vicinity of Hayward. This regional park includes tidal wetlands, marshes, and the San Lorenzo Shoreline to the Pacific. The San Francisco Bay Trail passes through the park, offering great walking and trekking options.

5. Hayward Area Historical Society

A local history museum, art gallery, and great cafe all rolled into one great package, this can be a good place to spend some time in after your roll one or two. The Cannery Cafe inside the place is legendary for its great breakfast and lunches.