How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Fresno, California

Whether you’re thinking of visiting Fresno, planning to relocate in the area, or are a long-time resident of this Central Valley city, you may be asking these same questions: how do I get a medical marijuana card in Fresno? Are there medical marijuana doctors in Fresno who can provide medical recommendations or cards? If so, is it easy to get one? And can I get the same quality selection of award-winning strains, concentrates and edibles as I’d find in larger, more cannabis friendly cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles?

In other words, is Fresno a 420-friendly city?

Indeed! Until recently Fresno had been shut off from the hip Bay Area culture due to being geographically a little out in the woods. But as the largest inland city in California, it’s booming in commercial expansion, hipness and relevance. Since 2000 Fresno’s become one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States with a whopping 20% growth.

If you look at a California map, you’ll see a gigantic hub of highways in the middle of the state, with Fresno at the center. Unlike other thriving areas in the state, the San Joaquin Valley has avoided the manufacturing industries and remained true to its agricultural roots.

So, let’s recap. Fresno sits smack dab in the middle of one of the finest, most fertile farming regions in the world, with an equally world-class agricultural infrastructure. It’s currently among the Top 40 most prosperous cities in America, is in the process of adopting a bay city attitude, and it’s a bustling beehive of half a million residents, whose average age is 30 years old.

To us, this sounds like a good place for a medical marijuana user to call home. To get started, we’re gonna answer the following questions:

  • What are the current marijuana laws for Fresno?
  • How do I order from a marijuana delivery service?
  • Where do I get a medical marijuana card in Fresno?
  • Which cannabis products should I order?
  • Where are the best smoke spots in the city for me to enjoy my day?

A Brief History of Fresno

We won’t bore you with the details of Fresno’s history and evolution, as it parallels the founding of many central California cities. It was founded by some old guy in 1872, became the county seat in 1874, experienced a drought, then was incorporated by two other old guys in 1885.

By 1895, Fresno was filled with streetcars and surrounded by suburbs. A hundred years later it became a frequent filming location for the television showCops. Today, Fresno still holds onto its legendary agricultural status while forging ahead into California’s high-tech future.

Fresno’s Marijuana Laws

Officially speaking, Metropolitan Fresno is known as Fresno-Madera CA CSA and sits in both Fresno and Madera counties. Local marijuana ordinances mimic county laws, and it’s illegal to grow marijuana in either county.

Fortunately, that won’t affect your ability to procure the finest buds and edibles in and around the city since there are medical marijuana doctors and delivery services galore.

You can always consult the Nuggblog for the latest changes in marijuana ordinances and the most current ballot measures. Another excellent source for local marijuana news, laws and events is the Fresno Cannabis Association; it’s free to join and provides a wellspring of marijuana-related information about the region.

The local government has always been adamant about not allowing indoor or outdoor marijuana cultivation in Fresno County. Here you can read the latest Fresno ordinance that explains why growing pot is detrimental to the community, the penalty for which is $1,000 per plant.

Fresno has allowed regulated medical marijuana for more than a decade, making it one of the most progressive cities in the nation. But look at Fresno’s very first medical marijuana ordinance from 2004, which prohibited dispensaries from serving more than two patients or caregivers. Wait, what? We’ve heard the expressionthree’s a crowd, but putting a cap on patients at two per dispensary? We can only imagine how drab those Patient Appreciation Day promotions must have been!

The ban on growing marijuana in and around Fresno doesn’t impact the end user (you), but it’s a damn shame to waste these fertile Central Valley growing conditions. Hopefully, as we approach the “recreational era,” the laws will align with the demand for phenomenal local strains.

Fast and Safe Medical Marijuana Delivery in Fresno

The ban on Fresno co-ops and dispensaries means that patients will have to adjust — to more convenience, safety and efficiency! Anyone with his or her finger on the pulse of California culture knows thatmedical marijuana home delivery is the future of medical marijuana dispensing.

Fresno’s strict laws have caused weed dispensaries and patients to connect with a state-of-the-art order and delivery network that would give Uber a run for its money. If you’ve ever huddled in a dispensary waiting room with a gang of skateboarding kids, or driven to a late-night dispensary in the Compton area, you’ll really appreciate how easy home delivery of medical flowers, vapes, concentrates and edibles can be — and totally worth it!

How Does Doing Your 420 Online Evaluation Work?

Check out NuggMD toapply for a medical cannabis card , recommendation or renewal online in minutes from the comfort of your own home.

Set up an account, fill out a quick profile that includes your personal information (it’s completely secure and will never be released to anyone) along with a medical form that’ll help one of our doctors make a more precise diagnosis; you can also provide your medical records if you think they’ll be beneficial, but they’re not mandatory.

Then send any legal identification (e.g. driver’s license, passport, state ID) and enter your credit card info (Visa or Mastercard only). At $39 for the rec and only $20 extra for the photo ID we’re the cheapest cannabis card available on the market today.

Now you’ll be able to get your face-to-face 420 evaluation with an informative, licensed medical marijuana doctor. You’ll discussyour medical history and how medical cannabis can improve your health.When the doc approves we’ll send you a PDF copy of your recommendation which you can take to almost any dispensary until your official rec and/or ID card arrive(s) just days later.

Both are good for one year, so when they expire just return to the site and get them renewed for the same price. No extra fees. No hassle.

Now you can get hooked up with the most reliable medical marijuana delivery services in Fresno! Use to find several dispensaries in the area and you’ll get $20 on your first order for being a loyal NuggMD customer!

You’ll have your medicine brought right to your home within an hour of ordering (don’t be surprised if the dispensary throws in a few free treats). It’s as fast and as easy as ordering pizza online.

If you’d don’t like the ease and convenience of getting approved online and rather put the time and effort into researching and comparing Fresno’s in-person MMJ doctors, you can do it the old fashion way using these directories.

Whatever route you go, in-person or online, make sure to get an MMJ rec to enjoy as much legal, medical-grade ganja that you can consume!

Strains People are Smoking in Fresno

The San Joaquin Valley dispensaries offer the same incredible selection of award-winning and legendary medical marijuana strains as you’d find anywhere. Here’s what our informal survey showed about medical marijuana consumption in Fresno:

Indicas Diablo OGand Ancient Lime are the best-selling moderately-priced strains around Fresno (about $50 an eighth delivered). The most popular sativas are Sour Diesel and XJ13; favorite hybrids include Fire OG and San Fernando Valley OG ($55-$60) along with Gorilla Glue #4 (of course), Pineapple Express and Lavender Cheese ($40-$50).

Concentrates, waxes and shatters are abundant in Metropolitan Fresno, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything under $40 a gram.

If you enjoy edibles, you’ll be blown away by the endless assortment of THC-infused brownies, cookies, pretzels, candies, gummies, and CBD-only edibles including those hard-to-find pet treats,Treatibles,not to mention topical ointments and transdermal patches.

There are a handful of storefront dispensaries listed in the Fresno area, but they’re more like cooperative, exclusive members-only clubs for “by appointment only” visits.

Besides, the delivery-based dispensaries serving Fresno offer a MUCH bigger and better selection than you’ll find in any storefront dispensary because, y’know, the internet is limitless and has spare storage space in the cloud.

Fun Things To Do in Fresno

LGBT Friendly

Fresno is recognized as a very LGBT friendly city with many related activities and gatherings. But it’s primarily known for its highly-anticipated Reel Pride Film Festival, the Central Valley’s largest and oldest film festival, which attracts emerging LGBT filmmakers and huge crowds every September. See the latest gay and lesbian films and attend Q&A workshops.

Nightlife for Everyone

Fresno’s Tower District is one of the liveliest party places in the state, with hot nightclubs, great live music, dance spots and bars. But just because it’s up all night doesn’t mean it sleeps during the day. Drop by the next morning for an eye-opening coffee concoction and hearty breakfast at one of the many cafés and bistros.

For weird and wonderful entertainment, don’t miss the renowned Fresno Rogue Festival, a celebration of individualism and expressionism unlike anything you’ve ever seen. For eight days and nights in March the city’s transformed into a gigantic open-mic festival with venues all over town for music, dance, comedy and theatre.

If you catch a diamond-in-the-rough performance by a rising star at the festival, you’re lucky; if you catch a terrible act bombing in front of thousands of people, you’re even luckier!

Paternal Live Music

To see the best live blues acts in the country, enjoy the annual Fresno Father’s Day Blues Festival with a sea of dads in the audience.

Single and like to Mingle?

While there are many clubs and a robust nightlife in Fresno, those places aren’t the only recommended places to meet and greet singles.

The Fresno Art Museum is a known hotspot for meeting people, particularly during the many high-caliber shows that come through town, but also boasts a community filled with fun excursions, classes and workshops. That means if you spot an interesting girl or guy admiring the artwork, it’s only natural to ask if they’re members. At the very least, taking art classes at a major art museum is a great way to stretch your creative muscles, especially when elevated.

However, for those of you who still believe that liquor is quicker, the wine walks along the streets of Old Town Clovis are a great way to soak in the local color and the best wineries in the area. Add gourmet foods from local eateries and you’ll be looking forward to these regular super pub crawls with gusto.

Hands-On Discovery Museum

Be careful, Butterfingers! You’re not allowed to toucheverythingat the world-famous Fresno Discovery Center and Museum, but therearedozens of outdoor exhibits and hands-on experiments. Its gardens, like theDeutsch Cactus Garden,are the perfect backdrop for eye-popping selfies.

Shopping in Fresno is a Guilty Pleasure

If you enjoy shopping for your favorite guilty pleasures while medicated, rest assured that Fresno favorites include Fashion Fair Mall, Fig Garden Village, and the boutique shopping in Northeast Fresno. From big-box stores to designer kiosks, Fresno has it all.

Man-Made Wonder is a Childhood Fantasy

The Forestiere Underground Gardens is a hand-built network of underground rooms, secret passages, hidden gardens and courtyards that will amaze you. Reminiscent of the Roman catacombs, this awe-inspiring three-level hideaway was meticulously assembled over 90 years ago by a dedicated immigrant.


If you need any more proof that Fresno accommodates everyone under the sun (though it’s not as sunny in Fresno as we’d like), look no further than the popular website WeirdFresno, which explores local ghosts, UFOs, monsters, urban legends and — our favorite — the eerie legend surrounding actor James Dean’s cursed death mobile, a Porsche 550 Spyder he crashed in 1955 outside Fresno on then-U.S. Route 466 on his way to Salinas. Very addictive site. Warning: not to be confused with StrangeFresno, a similar but less sensational website.

Fresno is a 420-Friendly City

You will draw the same conclusions as we did. Fresno is a vibrant and hip place with young, affluent people who enjoy the finer things in life. Fresno’s well-established web of top-shelf dispensaries with lightning-fast delivery make it an ideal haven for medical marijuana patients.

Fresno may still be off the beaten path, but now it’s well worth the trip.