How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Fremont, California

All throughout California, marijuana aficionados are rejoicing over last January’s passage of Proposition 64. With cannabis now legal throughout the state, not only do patients have greater access to medical marijuana, but recreational users of pot no longer need to fear disproportionate incarceration time for smoking a lil’ ganja. Still, Fremont, sitting on the Southeast section of the San Francisco Bay area, is now faced with a dilemma: Is it time to gethyphyand ease medical (and recreational) marijuana ordinances in the city, or tighten up regulations to make it more difficult for Fremont residents to enjoy not only the medical but recreational benefits of cannabis as well?

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  • Getting Cannabis in Fremont
  • Places to See While Medicated

History of Medical Marijuana in Fremont & Current Laws

There has always been a disconnect between Federal, State, and City ordinances regarding a few hot-button issues. Medical and recreational marijuana just happen to be one of those issues. As we all know, federally, Marijuana is a schedule I substance, meaning that the government doesn’t officially recognize medical marijuana’s capacity for medicinal use. Us Californians have known this to be untrue since the 90s.

Despite legalized marijuana on the books in California, this doesn’t mean that the government is thrilled or even supportive of the movement. Smoking marijuana in public is still a crime, albeit more of a nuisance (there isn’t a worry about getting a dime at San Quentin, it’s more a matter of a ticket). Additionally, only authorized MMJ dispensaries are allowed to carry weight (for safety reasons), so if you’re buying, don’t buy illegally, as purchasing from an unlicensed vendor (yes, we’re looking at you, “Steve” with the hemp necklace) is still considered a crime. Get your medical card and buy from a licensed dispensary. It’s safer, cheaper, and the quality is much better.

There is a problem with local Fremont laws that may make this more difficult than other cities in California. For now, Fremont still has a city-wide ordinance in effect that prohibits dispensaries from delivering and growing within the city limits. That is a major reason why there is a decided lack of MMJ dispensaries and doctors in the area.

Additionally, there are provisions in local law that prohibit public displays of anything that could be considered drug paraphernalia out of concern for minors. This has put a wrench in MMJ and recreational marijuana culture, but we’ll just have to see how the laws change in the future. It’s our hope that with marijuana being legalized, Freemont’s around 300,000 residents will get access to MMJ doctors and dispensaries. It’s a free-for-all at the moment, and anyone willing to front the capital may find Fremont to be the next place for an unencumbered slice of the metaphorical marijuana revenue pie.

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Fremont

As far as finding a doctor to get your MMJ card, we have only found one in the city of Fremont Proper, Golden State Medical Evaluations . According to Yelp reviews, it seems on the level, and there have only been praises sung about Doctor Jensen’s professionalism and overall demeanor. Besides being the only game in town, Golden State Medical Evaluations is located right on Fremont Boulevard, which is great for all Fremont locals. Outside of this MMJ dispensary, you will need to take a trip to San Jose (or elsewhere) to get or update your medical card.

Alternatively, due to California’s telehealth laws, you could get your medical card online . New patient or old, the digital age is making it increasingly easy toapply for an MMJ card online , and the whole process takes about 15 minutes! Still, if you prefer in-person visits, Nugg can help youlocate an MMJ doctor near you . For additional search tools, Yelp, Weedmaps, and Leafly also provide services to geolocate doctors in your region:

  • Doctors via Yelp
  • Doctors via Weedmaps
  • Doctors via Leafly

Getting Cannabis in Fremont

Prior to the election, there were no dispensaries in the city of Fremont, and the law cited above made it difficult for Medical Marijuana use. This hasn’t changed as of yet, but Nugg feels your pain. Just sign up and as soon as dispensaries become available in the city, we will be able to deliver to you. Additionally, there are delivery services in nearby towns (a plethora in San Jose) that may be willing to deliver to Fremont residents. But until this legal mess is sorted out, it might be better to take a short trip out of the city and go to one of the many dispensaries in the surrounding area.For product reviews including information on flowers, oils, and edibles, as well as all things cannabis related, check out the NuggBlog.

Places to See While Medicated

So you’ve got your MMJ card, a quarter of kush, and some time to kill. You might be asking yourself: what is there to do in Fremont? Luckily, the San Francisco bay area doesn’t have a shortage of places to pass the time while medicated. And though the Southeastern part of the bay is a bit quieter than it’s Northern counterpart, there is a quaint serenity to the area. Here are a few suggestions from TripAdvisor for a fun time in Fremont that we found exceptionally interesting and worthwhile:

Coyote Hills Regional Park

Not quite Joshua Tree, but breathtaking nonetheless. Coyote Hills Regional Park is a sprawling, almost 1000 acre park that touts many Native American archaeological and historic sites. It sits right on the bay and is a great place to wander and zone out, have a picnic, find some friends for a pick-up soccer game, really, whatever you’re into.

Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum

Located between Fremont and Union City, this museum is a great idea for something to do that isn’t so humdrum. Grab some popcorn, watch a silent movie, and make up your own dialogue — A great way to pass the day while medicated.

iFly indoor skydiving

Who doesn’t love to feel like they’re flying, while they’re flying? Take the time to go to iFly Indoor Skydiving for an experience that could be uplifting (both metaphorically and physically) and Meta.

Mission San Jose and Cemetery

This is one of the twenty-one original Spanish Missions established in California and dates back to the end of the 18thcentury. The area boasts the oldest surviving monastery in California as well as a graveyard littered with the graves of many prominent Spanish and American settlers. If you’re looking for a historical day out, Mission San Jose and Cemetery is the perfect place to get your history on. The tombs are a mix of beautiful and ominous, over-the-top and restrained.