How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Fontana, California

Fontana is the second largest city in San Bernardino County. With a population of around 203,000, it is also the 20thlargest city in the entire state. It is neighbored by Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Rialto and San Bernardino city, and has the San Gabriel and Jurupa mountain ranges on its northern and southern borders. With its hot and dry Santa Ana winds, Fontana tends to have a very warm/hot and arid climate.

  • What are the current laws on MMJ in Fontana?
  • Where can I get an MMJ card near me in Fontana?
  • How does an online 420 evaluation work?
  • Where do I buy legal, medical-grade cannabis in Fontana?
  • What are some things I can do after medicating in Fontana?

Medical Marijuana Laws In Fontana

Legalization of controlled substances like marijuana is not a simple process. While states like California have legalized medical and even recreational use of marijuana, the substance is still considered illegal by the Federal Government. This has given rise to a highly undesirable system in California, whereby MMJ is legal for consumers, but businesses are stuck in a grey area, teetering between illegality and legality.

The city has its local police department and has strict laws against MMJ dispensaries and cultivation. There have been numerous reported of marijuana-related crime in the city. In 2010, a massive marijuana grow house was busted in Fontana by the LA County Sheriff’s anti-gang task force. In 2012, the DEA and Fontana PD shut down an illegal MMJ dispensary in a joint operation. In 2015, San Bernardino County officials closed down another illegal clinic and arrested a Fontana man who ran it. A large marijuana seizure in Fontana in late 2015 led to the bust of a large cannabis ring in Riverside County in 2016.

In 2017, the City Council voted to approve a permit mechanism for growing MMJ indoors, as authorized by Prop 64. As per new rules, anybody wishing to grow six plants indoor in Fontana will have to apply for a permit and pay $400.

According to the Fontana Municipal Code, all commercial marijuana activities like MMJ dispensaries, collectives and delivery services are prohibited within city limits. Outdoor marijuana cultivation is also banned in all forms, either personal or commercial. Two ordinances currently govern the rules regarding MMJ in Fontana. One is Ordinance No. 12998 passed in January 2016, and the second is Ordinance No. 1747, enacted in September 2016.

In short, barring personal indoor cultivation (that too with expensive permits), all other medical marijuana activities and businesses are prohibited in Fontana. To fully take advantage of legal medical marijuana in Fontana, it is therefore necessary to have a medical marijuana card.

Where Can I Get A Medical Marijuana Card Near Me In Fontana?

In California, an MMJ card or a doctor’s rec is an important document that can help protect you against legal liabilities, prosecution, and harassment by local law enforcement. Prop 64 may have rendered cannabis cards somewhat redundant, but that is still on paper. The effects of recreational cannabis legalization do not come into effect at least until 2018, and it could take much longer as well. In the meantime, a cannabis card is an easiest and safest way to secure legal cannabis in any city in California.

To get a cannabis rec, all you need to do is find nearby MMJ doctors that are willing to write a recommendation for medical marijuana. There are numerous aggregate directory services that offer reviews of said doctors in the Fontana area and California on a whole. Some of the most trustworthy sites to find a doctor for an in-person consultation are: Yelp, Weedmaps, and Leafly.

However, if you do not feel open to the idea of spending hours driving to and waiting at a doctor’s office or 420 clinic, there is a far more convenient alternative. With NuggMD, you can now order your MMJ card in Fontana without even stepping outside your home. The whole process is completely legal and even better, we have the cheapest rates on cannabis cards anywhere!

How Does Doing Your 420 Evaluation Online Work?

Just visit our site and apply for an MMJ card online. We have streamlined the whole process down to a matter of minutes. Take a couple to finish a small application form and a medical questionnaire. Once that is done, just click “submit, ” and we will take care of the rest, no upfront payment required. You will need to answer an incoming call from one of our qualified medical doctors. It is mandatory under California telehealth regulations. The doctor will conduct a short tele-consultation to verify the details of your application and then approve your request.

You can now pay for your MMJ card. A doctor’s rec costs $39, and for just a few dollars more you can have a durable and compact plastic MMJ ID card. The card is well worth the small premium as it is easier to carry around. Once we receive your payment, a PDF copy of your rec is sent to your email. This can be used to buy cannabis legally from delivery services. Just wait a few days for the original document to reach your mailbox if you want to buy from your local dispensary storefront. The whole process can be completed in a matter of minutes.

How To Buy Medical Marijuana In Fontana

Fontana strictly enforces its MMJ dispensary ban. The last collective/dispensary in the city was forced to shut down in 2014. If you are more inclined to do your cannabis shopping in person at a brick-and-mortar dispensary, you’ll need to drive to a neighboring city to find a legal weed dispensary.

But since you’ve already got your cannabis card with NuggMD, why not use Nugg’s network of local MMJ dispensaries and delivery services to your advantage for a safe and efficient alternative to driving hours to find a cannabis dispensary worth visiting?! Nugg is the largest online platform for cannabis consumers and dispensaries in California. You can check out our extensive list of local MMJ dispensaries (which number around 80 throughout California, and is constantly being expanded). All dispensaries listed on our site have their detailed menus and can be searched based on your location for delivery availability. Our delivery is incredibly speedy and even more discreet. Try Nugg once and see the difference firsthand!

Popular MMJ Strains Near Fontana

To help you get started on your medical marijuana journey in Fontana, Nugg has compiled a list of some of the most popular strains of MMJ in the area. They are as follows:

  • Abusive OG
  • OG Kush
  • Chemdawg
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Platinum Berry White

Things To Do After Medicating In Fontana

1. Auto Club Speedway

This well-engineered race venue is the best leisure destination in the city of Fontana. Head there for any of the high-end race events (NASCAR, anyone?!) for a unique and thrilling experience.

2. Tibbies Center Stage Theater

If you enjoy live entertainment and dinner after medicating, check out Tibbies.The program usually involves a musical of some kind, with really high production values to boot.

3. Regency 8

This local cinema is the best option for some movies and popcorn after medicating. They also provide tickets on discount, which makes it a good value proposition.

We’ve hit the end our MMJ guide for Fontana. We have tried our best to keep the information in this guide up to date. However, considering the way local MMJ laws get updated, it would be a wise option to check the city official website and municipal code for the latest version of local MMJ laws. When it comes to laws, it is always better to be safe than sorry! Nugg wishes you a fun MMJ-infused time in Fontana.