How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in El Monte, California

El Monte has a storied and rich history that stretches back over 150 years. At the junction between Los Angeles and San Bernardino, this smallish city in Los Angeles County is rife with residential, commercial and industrial districts. Taking advantage of cannabis culture or finding medical marijuana in El Monte, however, is a bit of a complicated story.

  • Local laws regarding MMJ
  • Getting a weed card in the city
  • Where to score high-quality ganja
  • Things to do on a medicated afternoon in the city

Medical Marijuana Laws in El Monte

The public perception about medical marijuana has undergone a decisive shift. But this is yet to be reflected in the Federal government policy towards marijuana. While states are inexorably heading towards legalization, medical marijuana related businesses still remain illegal criminal entities in the eyes of the Justice Department and its various agencies. As a result, many local California governments are reluctant to accept MMJ dispensaries within their limits.

According to the Medical Marijuana Dispensaries chapter of the El Monte Municipal Code, Ordinance No.2687 of 2007 was the first piece of legislation in the city to place a moratorium on medical marijuana businesses in city limits. The City Council passed another ordinance no. 2838 in 2014, a more concrete and long term law prohibiting MMJ dispensaries as well as cultivation within city limits.

According to this 2016 Study Session report by the City Council, 2016 saw three further moratoriums from the Council. It was a temporary measure aimed at buying more time for City Council to study the future options for regulation, especially taking into consideration the looming vote on Prop 64 in the horizon. The first moratorium temporarily banned all commercial cannabis activities in the city for 45 days (extended until 2018 later that year). The second ordinance further fleshed out the existing bans on MMJ dispensaries and cultivation.

As of 2017, these are the pertinent points regarding cannabis in El Monte:

  • Medical marijuana dispensaries are banned completely.
  • Commercial cultivation is banned as well.
  • Outdoor cultivation is also banned, but indoor cultivation of up to 6 plants have been made legal by Prop 64 (cities do not have the power to ban that).
  • Smoking in all public places and cars is banned.
  • Possession of a maximum 1 ounce is permissible for adults above the age of 21 (Prop 64).
  • Delivery is indirectly banned (not included in legal businesses under city zoning laws) but, use of streets for delivery can no longer be prohibited (Prop 64).

Legalization of dispensaries and issuing of new licenses, if the city does eventually choose to issue those, will not begin at least until 2018. In the meantime, under the auspices of Prop 64, delivery seems to be the best option for MMJ consumers.

How to Get a MMJ Card in El Monte

To profit from all the legal cannabis in California, residents are required to get a doctor’s recommendation (colloquially referred to as an MMJ rec or MMJ card). Finding a doctor that is willing to recommend cannabis as a treatment, however, is not a given. Many medical professionals refuse to recommend cannabis as a treatment due to its Schedule I status on the Federal level. Still, there is a network of more than a few MMJ-friendly doctors near El Monte if you are looking for an in-person consultation to get your MMJ rec. Check out Yelp, Leafly, or Weedmaps for a rated directory of doctors in and around El Monte.

If you’re fed-up with the long travel and wait times for an in-person consultation, you can now also get a medical marijuana recommendation online thanks to NuggMD. The process is simple, secure, and HIPAA compliant. But how does getting your weed card online work?

How Does Doing Your 420 Evaluation Online Work?

The process is pretty straightforward – just visit our site to apply for an MMJ card online. After submitting some basic information and filling out a medical questionnaire, you will be connected to a doctor for an online consultation. The process takes about 30 minutes and you won’t be billed unless you get your rec. A PDF copy of your card is instantly sent to your email inbox, while the original is mailed to your address. For $39 you get a basic doctor’s recommendation, while a plastic MMJ ID card will set you back by a few dollars more. You can start buying cannabis products from Nugg the same day you apply, since the PDF copy is all you need for that!

How to Buy Medical Marijuana in El Monte

MMJ customers in El Monte face the same perils as other California cities that have outlawed pot dispensaries. They have to depend on illegal storefronts and dodgy mobile dispensaries. These MMJ dispensaries are often the target of raids by the local PD as well as Federal agencies (a worst case scenario, uncommon during the Obama Administration, but chance of higher probability under the new Administration). And these stores also have to operate in some of the seedier neighborhoods in cities, making 420 shopping an often risky endeavor.

Online 420 shopping carries no such risks while providing a highly rewarding and exceedingly safe experience. And since most MMJ deliveries are very discreet, local law enforcement and city councils tend to leave them alone for the most part, going after soft targets like dispensaries.

In this context, Nugg is the best online delivery service out there. Our advantage lies in the fact that we do not depend on one single dispensary or collective. We actually provide an online platform where you can choose from a full list of local MMJ dispensaries that deliver to your address. We are the largest service of its kind around, and we keep things completely above board, only serving customers who have a legally valid doctor’s recommendation or MMJ card.

Popular MMJ Strains in El Monte

So now for the good stuff. I’m sure you’re asking: “which cannabis products I should order? ” There’s a huge list of choices when it comes to MMJ. We know it can be a bit daunting as a new patient/customer, so here’s a list of most of the more popular strains near El Monte:

  • Chong’s Choice
  • Locktite
  • The White
  • Sour Cookies
  • Superglue OG

Things to Do in El Monte After Medicating

1. Lambert Part

A small local baseball park, Lambert Park is a good place to while away your time while watching Little League games.

2. Triple B Clays

Make your way to a shooting range if you are into target practice and guns. Clay targets provide a fun challenge. They even have a decent restaurant on the premises.

3. Silver Dollar Saloon

A great local bar to hang out with friends and have a pitcher of beer or two, you can even try your hand at a game of darts if you feel up to it. This place offers a powerful mix of great service and cheap beer.

4. El Monte Valley Mall

A small nondescript local mall, EL Monte Valley has lots of cheap clothing stores and great authentic Mexican food. Head there if your body starts craving some spicy nachos or enchiladas.

That brings us to the end of this guide. Hope we have cleared up your doubts regarding medical marijuana in El Monte. Remember that local laws are bound to get updated from time to time, so keep an eye on the city official website for the latest updates on El Monte MMJ laws. Stay safe and have fun!