How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Concord, California

With a population of 125,000, the city of Concord is the largest in Contra Costa County and 8thlargest in the San Francisco Bay Area. Situated barely 30 miles northeast of San Francisco and 65 miles southwest of Sacramento, Concord is a major suburban bedroom community in the region. Additionally, Concord is one of the cities in the Bay area that has anti-MMJ policies in place. Here’s our short and concise guide to medical marijuana in Concord. It’s our hope to answer all your cannabis related questions for Concord including:

  • What are the current marijuana laws for Concord?
  • Where can I get a medical marijuana card in Concord?
  • Dispensaries versus delivery services?
  • Which are the best MMJ products to order in Concord?
  • What are the best smoke spots and recreational activities in Concord?

Medical Marijuana Laws in Concord, CA

Concord’s City Council has maintained a prohibition of medical marijuana dispensaries for over a decade now. Doubling-down and going further in the conservative direction, a ban on outdoor cultivation of medical marijuana was reintroduced in 2013 following a complaint by citizens regarding strong odors from backyard marijuana grows.

In recent years the Concord PD has continued dealing with its fair share of marijuana related crimes. In 2015, a pizza shop owner was arrested for selling marijuana and cocaine. In 2016, a stash of marijuana was found in a Concord home by the police, when the couple who owned the place was shot by unknown assailants. The same year, a young man high on substances including synthetic marijuana assaulted 3 police officers. And the Contra Costa County is a hotbed of Mexican Cartels involved in illegal marijuana grows, according to this news report of a massive drug bust in the county which led to the arrest of 24 carter members.

Needless to say, these incidents do not describe all cannabis patients. It seems, however, that the Concord City Council is establishing a precedence correlating negative news stories with cannabis use. As of 2017, this is the status of medical marijuana in Concord, CA:

  • MMJ dispensaries are expressly prohibited from functioning within city limits.
  • Outdoor cultivation of medical marijuana is also expressly prohibited.
  • Indoor cultivation subject to quantity restrictions is allowed, as long as building fire and safety rules are followed.
  • Other marijuana related activities like deliveries are not expressly prohibited, though they are indirectly disallowed since they are not part of permissible business operations mentioned in the municipal code.

As such, The best (and only) way to acquire high-quality, legal marijuana in this environment is getting your MMJ card.

How Does Your 420 Evaluation Work?

There are two main avenues for getting an MMJ recommendation, in person, and online. We all are familiar with the in-person method of doctor’s visits. The steps are similar:

  • Book an appointment (or-walk in)
  • Have a consultation
  • Hope that your doctor approves your recommendation
  • Saunter to your nearest dispensary, MMJ rec in hand

The key to this process is finding a medical professional that is not only trusted, but certified as well. This is a bit of a problem as the number of doctors willing to provide a recommendation for medicinal cannabis use is not as large as one would expect. Luckily, several websites give you all the information you need to find a medical professional Concord that would be willing to provide an MMJ recommendation. Three of the most up-to-date and trustworthy sites are:

This is the more “old school” method for acquiring a medical marijuana card, but you no longer have to go through the tiresome endeavor of hunting for a cannabis clinic. All you need to do is head to our website and checkout our new NuggMD service. That’s right, you can actually apply for an MMJ card online! No more hunting for an open clinic or waiting in line to see the doctor. The whole process can be completed online and in a matter of minutes. Even better, the whole thing is absolutely legal, in full compliance of California telehealth laws!

The process is simple. Just visit our website and apply for MMJ card. You will be asked to fill out a form with your basic details as well as complete a short medical questionnaire. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and can be done on just about any PC, laptop or mobile device connected to the internet. Once you submit the completed forms, they are forwarded to our qualified marijuana doctors. One of them will call you within minutes to conduct a medical checkup via teleconferencing. Answer their queries and once they are satisfied, they will approve your application. A PDF copy of your doctor’s recommendation/medical marijuana ID card will reach you instantly on your inbox when you pay for your card.

How to Buy Medical Marijuana in Concord, CA

Online search results on yield few storefronts in the Concord area if you are looking for an in-person dispensary experience. This means either leaving the city, or finding a dispensary that delivers.

Alternatively, online purchase is the safest and by-far the most convenient method for copping some buds in Concord. Nugg is the only service that you need. We deliver medical marijuana and other cannabis products directly to your door front. On our platform, you will find a comprehensive list of all local MMJ dispensaries. Select the seller of your choice, browse their catalog and choose your favorite strains. And if you don’t have a medical marijuana card to make a legal purchase we have you covered there as well.

Popular MMJ Strains Near Concord, CA

  • Pineapple Express
  • Candyland
  • SuperGlue
  • Sour Diesel
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Space Nugs OG Kush

Things to Do in Concord After Medicating

Once you’ve got your medication, we’re sure you’ll be looking for new ways to enjoy Concord. Here is a list of a few options we found entertaining enough to put on a list of things to do to enjoy a medicated afternoon in Concord:

1. Todos Santos Plaza

An old school town center at the heart of downtown Concord, this is a great place to hang out, grab a bit or do some shopping. It is a bustling and busy center of activity in Concord.

2. Waterworld California

If you want an adrenaline rush, head to this water-park with a good selection of exciting rides. But it can get a bit crowded in the hot summer months.

3. Contra Costa Canal Trail

A great place for a solitary stroll or a walk with your dog, this trail is very safe too, since it is never deserted. You will find lots of easy trails to follow.

4. Sleep Train Pavilion

A great open air venue for music festivals and concerts, the Pavilion frequently hosts music festivals. It has both reserved seating as well an open standing area.

5. Newhall Community Park

A peaceful location with dedicated spaces for kids as well as dogs, the park has a very relaxing atmosphere, complete with a duck pond.

And with that, we come to the end of the guide. Hope you have found what you were seeking. Just don’t forget to check out the Concord city official website occasionally to see if there are any new updates on local marijuana laws. Other than that, stay safe and have fun!