How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Bronx, New York

With the passage of New York Assembly Bill 6357 in 2014, medical marijuana is now legal in New York. The Bill created a state-regulated medical marijuana program enabling residents with qualifying illnesses to get access to much needed medical marijuana. If you’re located in the Bronx, you are extraordinarily lucky

We’ll be going through some significant details about MMJ in this article like:

  • Medical Marijuana Doctors in the Bronx
  • Medical Cannabis Lawyers in the Bronx
  • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries serving the Bronx
  • Places to see while medicating
  • A Few Fun Facts

Medical Marijuana Doctors in The Bronx

The first step in participating the New York Medical Marijuana Programs is meeting with a practitioner registered in the program for a written certification. You can opt to visit a doctor in person for your written certification, or you can conduct the process online from an approved telemedicine doctor. Either way, the practitioner will need to verify you have a qualifying condition to be a part of the program and that medical marijuana would benefit your ailment.

If you prefer to take the face-to-face route, start by visiting your primary physician for your written certification. If your physician is not registered with the program, they can refer you to someone who is. The Department of Health recently released a partial list of the practitioners in New York who are registered in New York’s Compassionate Care Program. There are currently nine MMJ doctors on the Department of Health’s Registered Practitioner list who work in The Bronx. Here’s information for six of those registered doctors.

Noah Kornblum, MD

111 East 210th Street

Robert Meyer MD

1825 Eastchester Road

Kamel Ghandour MD

2008 Eastchester Road

Marcus Bachhuber MD

305 East 161st Street

Jonathan Ross MD

4234 Bronx Boulevard

Zachary Palace MD

5901 Palisade Avenue

You can see your primary physician for additional recommendations for registered doctors as he or she will have access to the full list of practitioners in the Bronx. Our online option is also a convenient way to connect with a qualified doctor to get a written certification simply by logging on to the internet.

Medical Cannabis Lawyers – The Bronx

You don’t need to be in trouble with the law to consult a lawyer about being a registered patient in the New York Medical Marijuana Program. Twenty-eight experienced attorneys serving The Bronx have experience in marijuana law and are wonderful sources of information. Here are some of those attorneys serving the Bronx.

Sometimes it’s a smart move just to schedule a quick consultation with an MMJ lawyer to be sure you fully understand the New York Compassionate Care Program. New York’s program is much stricter than other states, so a quick visit now may save you a lengthier visit later.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries You Can Find in the Bronx

After you have your medical marijuana card, you are set to visit your first dispensary. Lucky you! The Bronx is home to one of the dispensaries from Registered Organization, PharmaCannis.

PharmaCannis – The Bronx

405 Huntspoint Avenue

You can schedule your first appointment with PharmaCannis by calling them at 718.842.2001 as they do not have an online scheduling option at this time. The dispensary is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am – 5:30 pm, with the exceptions of Saturday when they close at 3 pm. When you go for your first appointment, be ready to stay a bit for a short educational consultation. This is an ideal time to ask questions about the program, the dispensary, and specific formulations that will best suit you. Be sure to bring both your NY Medical Marijuana Card and your doctor’s written certification. You will need both to buy medical marijuana.

While PharmaCannis does not list its products on their website, you can call them to discuss their offerings. You can be assured they carry at least two formulations as required by the state: a high-CBD/low-THC brand and equal amounts CBD/THC brand.

You can also find additional information on their Facebook page. Not only does their Facebook presence connect you with them, but it offers a lot of valuable information about the New York Compassionate Care Act and all the diverse ways medical marijuana helps with several ailments. There are many posts on specific illness as well as statistics on how marijuana has helped decrease opioid dependency which is a major problem plaguing New York.

“Everyone is so professional, informative, and just nice. It’s a very clean and spacious building. I think I may have found my permanent dispensary.” ~ Yanina

“I love it [be]cause it will stop all the people that need it [from] going to jail for their medicine.” ~Robert

Fun Facts About the Area

  • Billy Joel, Al Pacino, Jennifer Lopez and Penny Marshall all celebrate hometown pride in the Bronx.
  • The Bronx is also known as “The Boogie Down.”
  • Hip Hop was born in the South Bronx.
  • Stickball was popularized in the Bronx.
  • The Capital Dome and the Lincoln Monument were made in the Bronx.