How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Anaheim, California

Hallelujah, California has finally legalized the use of pot for recreational purposes! So what does this mean for folks in Anaheim? Can I ‘lose’ my dealer’s number? Can I smoke in public? This article is a primer of all things medical marijuana related, and, more importantly, offers a guide in getting medical cannabis in Anaheim. Enjoy, dear reader!

Anaheim is part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area and is located in Orange County. The most populous city in the OC, it’s home to one of the most famous theme parks in the world, the Disneyland Resort. And for all you 90s-kids, the Anaheim Mighty Ducks (modeled after Coach Bombay’s peewee team of the same name) go quack-quack as they skate at the Honda Center.

Despite Anaheim’s status as a tourist destination, the city’s relationship with herb can be defined as ‘it’s complicated.’ Anaheim is home to the self-proclaimed largest weed expo in the world, Kush Expo, yet ironically has many regressive anti-cannabis ordinances on the books. Continue on and you’ll learn about:

  • Important Marijuana Laws in Anaheim
  • Where to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Anaheim
  • Where Can You Find Good Quality Medical Marijuana in Anaheim?
  • Most PopularMedical MarijuanaStrains in Anaheim
  • Places to Visit While Medicated in Anaheim

Important Marijuana Laws in Anaheim

California’s pretty much always been a mecca of tolerance, especially regarding pot. As far back as 1975 with the passage of SB95, small amounts of cannabis were decriminalized. The Golden State was also the first US state to legalize the use of medical marijuana as a treatment in 1996 with the Compassionate Care Act. And, as of November 2016, Cali passed Proposition 64, which legalized the recreational use of marijuana.

Under Proposition 64, or the Adult Use of Marijuana Act , California residents over 21 years of age can purchase and possess 1 ounce of marijuana from licensed establishments. The state excises a duty tax of 15 percent on all retail sales of marijuana. There is a good news for medical marijuana users, you will be exempted from taxes at least for some time. You can now buy tax-free medical marijuana in California till the end of 2017.

Though cannabis isn’t ‘barely legal’ anymore, Anaheim city ordinances have been stifling cannabis culture in the city. Anaheim has passed several ordinances that ban the distribution and consumption of MMJ. These laws have been used over the years several times to reinforce an anti-marijuana stance by City Council. City officials have as recently as 2015 used their legal ordinances as justification to sue landlords of pot shops and ban the sale of (now fully legal) cannabis.

Where to Get a MMJ Card in Anaheim

Still, now that we’re in the post-Prop 64 era there are a few ways to get a 420 card in Anaheim. Before moving further, it should be noted that even if you are only taking advantage of the recreational weed, California residents are required to get a doctor’s recommendation or MMJ card to enjoy all the legal tree that is floating around Cali dispensaries.

Going the traditional route, you can find a doctor or other certified medical professional that is willing to write a rec for medical marijuana. You’ll need to book an appointment (or risk long lines by walking in) and go through a process that is similar to any other doctor’s visit. Nugg is more than happy to help you find medical marijuana doctors in Anaheim, and there are several other websites that have their own interface for locating cannabis-friendly doctors in the area. Compare and contrast doctor reviews at Yelp , Weedmaps , and Leafly .

Though some of us prefer meeting in person, as a California resident you are privy to liberal telehealth laws that allow you to get a doctor’s recommendation and MMJ card online . Instead of dealing with the headache of a day-long doctor’s appointment, take a break from your Netflix marathon and log on to NuggMD to get your card today. The process is as simple as logging on to the website, filling out some initial paperwork, having an online consultation with a qualified medical professional, and getting your approval documents sent to you immediately via pdf. It takes about 30 minutes and is completely HIPAA compliant and secure.

Most Popular MMJ Strains in Anaheim

Knowing everything about sativas and indicas, or the nuances of THC vs CBD can be daunting, especially for new patients. If you don’t have time to to peruse the blog at the moment, here’s a recent quick and dirty list of some of the most commonly consumed medical strains in Anaheim and California.

  • CannaSutra
  • Gorilla Glue #4
  • Guava
  • Tangerine Kush
  • Chocolate Hashberry
  • Blue Dream

Places to Visit While Medicated in Anaheim

We’ve already talked about Anaheim’s status as a tourist haven, but even if standing in line all afternoon at Disneyland, Anaheim has a variety of options for enjoyable things to do during a cannabis induced high.

Enjoy the play of colors at the Aquarium of the Pacific

No other place in Anaheim is as colorful as the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. You’ll find more than 500 different species of waterlife as well as access to see vibrant reefs of the Tropical Pacific.

Head to Anaheim Packing District to ease the munchies

Downtown in the Anaheim Packing District you’ll find streets jam packed with restaurants, bars, and dessert kiosks. No matter what you’re craving, you’ll find it here. Apart from great quality food, the Packing District has live music shows throughout the week. So come enjoy a burrito and some killer tunes.

Dance the night away at Bravo Night Club

Ranked as one of the best Latin dance clubs in the OC, Bravo Night Club’s vibrant ambiance oscillates between a chill spot to listen to rock en español or a raucous mass of people gesticulating to pop, salsa, or cumbia.