How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Amsterdam, New York

After New York passed the Assembly Bill 6357 in 2014, medical marijuana became legal under a state-regulated medical marijuana program. If you are like thousands of other New Yorkers, you are wondering how and where you can get medical marijuana in Amsterdam.

You’ve come to the right place! Here we’ll break down the MMJ details including:

  • Amsterdam’s Medical Marijuana Doctors
  • Medical Cannabis Lawyers in Amsterdam
  • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries serving Amsterdam
  • Places to See While Enjoying Cannabis
  • A Few Fun Facts about the City

Medical Marijuana Doctors in Amsterdam

In order to access medical marijuana in New York, you first need to meet the qualifying criteria for New York’s Medical Marijuana Program and so you need to find a practitioner who is registered in New York to provide you with a written certification for medical marijuana. You can do this one of two ways; you can visit a doctor in person, or you can get your written recommendation online from an authorized telemedicine doctor.

Most people who prefer the face-to-face option start by seeing their primary physician for the certification, or if they are not registered with the program, they can refer you to a doctor who is. You can also access a partial list of practitioners who are registered in the New York Medical Marijuana Program. Unfortunately, there are currently no MMJ doctors on the Department of Health’s Registered Practitioner list with offices in Amsterdam or Montgomery County. However, remember there aren’t that many practitioners in the program, and a high percentage did not opt to be on the DOH’s published list!

When you can’t find a nearby approved doctor, remember you can also choose our online option for a written New York marijuana certification from our approved doctors. It’s fast, and you don’t even need to leave your house to do it.

Medical Marijuana Lawyers Near You

Sometimes issues can arise even when you have a medical marijuana card. For times like those, or if you just want a legal professional’s advice on all legal things marijuana related, it’s good to know a qualified lawyer with experience in marijuana-related law. There are currently 18 skilled attorneys serving Amsterdam with experience in marijuana law, two of which who are located in Amsterdam. Here’s a short list of MMJ lawyers serving Amsterdam. The first two on the list are located in Amsterdam.

You don’t have to be in a bind to consult an MMJ lawyer about your rights as a registered patient of the New York Medical Marijuana Program. If you find yourself a little nervous or still have questions about the program, a quick consultation is a great way to be sure you understand both your rights and responsibilities.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Serving Amsterdam

Let’s get a significant detail out of the way first–you currently have a valid, New York Medical Marijuana Card to purchase medical marijuana–hooray! Just remember you will need to bring your card and your written certification with you every time you purchase medical marijuana from approved dispensaries.

Before your visit, it’s important to know a few things that will save you time and manage your expectations. All dispensaries offer walk-in times, but to keep your wait times low, it’s best to make an appointment (which you can do online). On your first visit, you won’t be able to “grab-and-go;” you will have to sit down with their staff for a brief educational overview of their products, the program, and talk about any questions you have or recommendations you might want.

As far as product goes, each dispensary is unique; however, they will all have a few things in common. They are required by law to offer two particular brands of cannabis: a high-CBD/low-THC formulation and an equal amounts CBD/THC formulation. Dispensaries are also limited to the forms which the cannabis can take. The only legally approved types of medical marijuana in New York are liquids, inhalers, capsules, and oils for vaporizing. Sorry, you won’t find any edibles or flowers to smoke as they are still illegal in New York.

Now it’s time to explore your options! Unfortunately, there are currently no dispensaries in Amsterdam, and at this time, there are no plans for any. However, Albany is home to not one, but three dispensaries where you can purchase your medical cannabis.They are about 40 minutes away, so you may want to consider purchasing a 30-day supply (the state maximum) when you visit. Here’s a little information about the three dispensaries licensed to sell medical marijuana in somewhat nearby Albany.

Etain – Albany

Etain offers three major brands of cannabis called Dolce, Balance, and Forte. All are available in capsule, tincture, and vaporizer form, and Dolce and Balance also are available in an awesome minty oral spray as well. Etain also offers a loyalty program, giving discounts to patients who buy frequently or in bulk. Etain’s Albany dispensary can be found at 402 North Pearl Street and is open on Wednesday – Friday from 10 am to 6 pm.

PharmaCannis – Albany

PharmaCannis is open Tuesday – Saturday during various times in the morning through the afternoon. They currently do not feature their products online, but you can follow them on Facebook for additional information or to read client reviews. Their Albany location is at 10 Executive Park Drive.

Vireo – Albany

Vireo was the first of the New York Registered Organizations to be approved for medical marijuana home deliveries and offers a great online presence for perusing (and ordering) their products. They are currently only open Sunday and Monday but will be adding Tuesday hours in mid-June. You can visit them at 38 Fuller Road.

Places to See While Medicated in the City

Let’s fast-forward a bit. You have your legal cannabis and you are elevated. Where can you go for a little fun in Amsterdam? Here are a few ideas.

  • Check out theAmsterdam Riverfront! There’s tons of chillaxing to be had with plenty of food options, live music, and some well-planned sitting areas for moments when the beauty overwhelms you. You can also take a boat ride or bike or hike the trails. What’s better than a little more Mother Nature when you’ve just partaken of one of her finest herbs?
  • You can also head over to the Noteworthy Indian Museumto see 60,000 artifacts from around the Northeast. Reconstruct the story of the Mohawk tribe while you experience their culture through their beadwork, clay pots, and more. This museum is only open June through August.
  • If it’s July or August, head to the Amsterdam Parksfor some music and movies outside. Veterans Park hosts Movies in the Park. Check the schedule and pack a picnic while enjoying a projected movie with the city. If live music is more your jam, head over to Riverlink Park for their concert series. They frequently feature jazz, classical, folk, and much more. You can also check out this park’s celebrations like Canal Fest and Fourth of July Fireworks.

Fun Facts About the City

  1. Amsterdam was allegedly named in 1804 in honor of the early Dutch who settled there.
  2. American actor Kirk Douglas is from Amsterdam.
  3. Amsterdam houses a pro-wrestling hall of fame.