How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Alhambra, California

The City of Alhambra is only 8 miles away from downtown Los Angeles. It is mainly made up the numerous suburban neighborhoods that dot the landscape around the city of Los Angeles. With an estimated population of around 85,000, it is one of the smaller incorporated cities in California, ranking somewhere around 90 in terms of size. Medical marijuana in Alhambra, especially regulations and laws regarding it are what one may expect from a smaller city, even if it is in California. Namely, this manifests as a conservative take on MMJ regulation.

  • What are the current medical marijuana laws in Alhambra?
  • How do I get an MMJ card near me in Alhambra?
  • How (and Where) can I get medical marijuana in Alhambra?
  • What are some of the more popular strains of MMJ in Alhambra?
  • What are some things to do in Alhambra while medicated?

Medical Marijuana Laws in Alhambra

Many cities in California have taken a very straightforward stance as far as medical marijuana is concerned. As a Schedule I drug, the Federal government makes it explicit that “medical” marijuana is illegal. And in the continued absence of coherent state level regulations, it was easier for city councils to ban MMJ dispensaries outright that face complications involving the Justice Department and federal agencies. There is also the added concern that the presence of MMJ dispensaries can lead to a spike in crime rates in nearby neighborhoods. As a result, like a host of cities in LA County bordering the metropolis, the City of Alhambra also has a long standing ban on MMJ dispensaries.

With a total area of just 7.6 square miles, and most of it residential suburbs, Alhambra has relatively less scope for medical marijuana businesses. The city council has a predictably hostile stance towards MMJ dispensaries. According city zoning regulations , medical marijuana dispensaries are prohibited in all zones within the city, not just residential areas. The first ordinance pertaining to this was Ordinance 4531A, passed in 2008. Subsequent amendments were added in 2013 and 2015. The city does not allow commercial marijuana cultivation, sale or delivery within its city limits.

As far as marijuana related crime is concerned, the city has seen its fair share of illegal grows and raids by local law enforcement as well as LA county police. One of the biggest hauls ever was made when MMJ worth $2.5 million was discovered when an Asian Gang Team task force of the L.A. County Sheriff’s department carried out raids in Alhambra and other areas in the San Gabriel Valley. The area is quite well known for its illegal marijuana grows, often associated with criminal gangs. Home grows maintained by individuals have also been discovered by local police, like this case from 2014 , which involved an Alhambra local maintaining a grow in Pomona. In a recent crime with marijuana links , a murder suspect was also charged with illegal marijuana grow related crimes.

Getting a Medical Cannabis Card in Alhambra

As per proposition 215 and the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, you need a MMJ card to legally buy cannabis in the state of California. As of 2017, with the passing of Proposition 64, you may think that you no longer need an MMJ card since recreational use is legal, But that is far from the case. It will be quite some time before we hear the last word on the legality of recreational marijuana here in California, since the Feds don’t seem too keen to budge from their stance on marijuana. Things might change, but it will need successful legalization efforts in more states before the federal government is forced to do a rethink on legalization of marijuana.

For the immediate future, a cannabis card is your best bet for staying on the right side of the law regarding possession of marijuana in cities like Alhambra. According to state law, you need a recommendation from a licensed medical professional. And no, you don’t need to suffer from cancer or AIDS to be eligible. An MMJ card can be issue for anything from minor sports injuries, to symptoms of nausea, nervousness, anxiety and any number of common ailments. All you need is to find a medical marijuana doctor near you that is willing to write a rec. These fine folk can be usually found at marijuana clinics that dot California’s urban landscapes. For a list of 420-friendly doctors, check out Yelp , Weedmaps , or leafly .

If you don’t have the time to book an in-person consultation to get your cannabis rec, you can also get your MMJ card online! With NuggMD , the entire process is streamlined, and you can do it from any web-enabled device!

When you apply for a medical marijuana card online with NuggMD, your application is processed in a matter of minutes and you are connected with one of Nugg’s doctors for a tele-consultation If (and only if) (s)he approves, you just have to pay the nominal $39 fee for an MMJ card. We send you two copies of your brand new MMJ card, one over email (an electronic copy) and a hard copy that is delivered to your doorstep within a few days. The whole operation is simplicity itself, and you don’t even need to wait for the official paper copy to start using services like Nugg to find delivery services in Alhambra.

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Alhambra

When you are in a small city barely 7 miles away from downtown LA, it hardly matters if there are no MMJ dispensaries in your city. The city of Los Angeles is teeming with MMJ dispensaries, at least 130 of them legal, and several hundred more illegal shops. The Los Angeles city authorities have managed to close down at least 500 dispensaries in the past couple of years.

So, the City of Alhambra prohibiting cannabis dispensaries shouldn’t really rain on your parade. Even with prohibition in place, there are several cannabis dispensaries active within city limits. The rest are, predictably in nearby L.A. and Pasadena districts.

But if you are not in a mood to drive all the way to L.A. to get your daily dose of MMJ, the internet offers a wealth of great opportunities. With Nugg , you have access to our network of weed dispensaries and delivery services that serve Alhambra. You’ll be able to browse menus from all these dispensaries which gives you the ability to get the best bang for your buck. In the real world, this would involve cruising across town to look at different cannabis dispensaries. Nugg removes all that hassle, delivering a clean and simple online shopping experience to your PC or cellphone.

Popular Strains of MMJ Near Alhambra

Here’s a list of some of the more popular strains in Alhambra to help you make a decision on what you should purchase:

  • Alien OG Kush (Indica)
  • Superglue OG (Hybrid)
  • Willie Nelson’s Private Reserve (Indica)
  • Sour Cookies (Hybrid)
  • Platinum OG (Indica)
  • Harlequin (Sativa)
  • OG Chemberry (Sativa)

Things to do in Alhambra After Medicating on MMJ

Since it is just a few miles away from Downtown L.A., you could probably find a ton of fun stuff to do in the City of Angels rather than in the tiny confines of Alhambra. But driving when under the influence of MMJ is dangerous in more ways than one. Modern strains tend to have insanely high amounts of THC and if you are experimenting with a newer strain, it might simply catch you off-guard. At the very least, you could end up getting pulled over by local law enforcement and even that is enough to land you in serious trouble. Regardless of whatever your plans maybe, try to avoid driving at all costs for your own safety as well as that of others. That being said, you can still find fun things to do closed to home in Alhambra:

1. Ultrazone

Laser tag can be fun, or not, depending on how stoned you are. But if you fancy a bit of lighthearted competition with friends, head to this laser tag place can be well worth your while.

2. Edwards Alhambra Renaissance 14 and IMAX

Popcorn, soda, movie tickets, and a large screen – need we say more?

3. The Lizard Theater Company

A very affordable professional theater company that is ideal for a weekend night out. You get anything from comedies to suspense or even serious dramas. There are great dining-out options adjacent to the theater as well.

4. Rioni

One of the main shopping areas in the City, make a trip to Rioni for a fun night. There are some great restaurants on the Main Street for when the munchies set in.