How-To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Albany, New York

Since the State of New York passed Assembly Bill 6357 in 2014 legalizing medical marijuana under a state-regulated medical marijuana program, you are probably one of the many residents of Albany wondering how and where you can access medical marijuana.

Not to worry! In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about:

  • Medical Marijuana Doctors in Albany
  • Medical Marijuana Lawyers in Albany
  • Medical Marijuana Zoning
  • Albany Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
  • General Information about MMJ in Albany
  • Places to see here while enjoying cannabis
  • A Few Fun Facts about the city

Medical Marijuana Doctors in Albany

If you meet the criteria for accessing medical marijuana in New York, your next step is getting a written certification from a registered practitioner. You can either do this in-person with one of the 800 in New York registered to do this or online with a telemedicine doctor who is authorized to write a recommendation for medical marijuana.

Most people see their primary physician if they choose to meet with a doctor in-person as the New York Department of Health just recently released a partial list of those practitioners registered in the New York’s Medical Marijuana Program. There is currently only one doctor listed on the official DOH list:

Francisco Javier Gomez

110 Wolf Road

Albany, NY 12205


While Dr. Gomez does not currently have a website, you get more information about him by viewing his Health Care for People profile and Facebook.

Sadly, there aren’t any additional MMJ doctors currently listed on the published list in Albany since the program is so new, but luckily our online option allows you to connect with an approved New York doctor online from anywhere in the state.

Medical Marijuana Lawyers Nearby

Unfortunately, those with a medical marijuana card can still experience legal issues at times. If you need to consult an attorney to learn more about local ordinances or restrictions on your medical marijuana rights, there are twenty qualified attorneys you can speak to in Albany alone. Here are just a few MMJ lawyers serving Albany.

Medical Marijuana Zoning in the City

So, once you have your medical marijuana certification and ID card issued by the state, the natural question is “Where can I get medical marijuana in Albany?”

New York State has approved five Registered Organizations (ROs) for the manufacturing and sale of medical marijuana, and each may have up to four dispensaries for selling their product. In Albany, dispensaries may not come within 1,000 feet of a school church, synagogue, or other place of worship, so you don’t have to worry about running into your rabbi while you are out “shopping.” Albany is home to three state-regulated dispensaries from three different ROs,giving you a bit of variety in your choices.

Albany has gone a step further and allotted a specific district for the cultivation, production, and sale of marijuana. Information on the identified “Medical Marijuana Overlay” within the M-1 Industrial District can be found in the meeting minutes of the Albany Common Council and is designated as: “To the north, by the Interstate -90 right-of-way, to the south by North Pearl Street & Van Woert Street, to the east by Loudonville Road and to the west by the railway right-of way.” This means that most dispensaries will be within a relatively close distance of each other.

How to Get Medical Cannabis in Albany

First and foremost, you must have a New York Medical Marijuana Card. You will need to bring both your written certification (MMJ doctor’s letter) and your NYMMJ Card in order to purchase cannabis from the dispensaries.

There are three dispensaries in Albany. They offer some walk-in times, but it’s usually best to make an appointment online before visiting the dispensary. Many dispensaries require you to meet with their education staff the first time you purchase from them. All dispensaries are required by law to offer a high-CBD/low-THC brand and one brand that is equal amounts of CBD and THC. Otherwise, each RO dispensary will have unique products only they carry.

Here’s a list of the registered dispensaries in Albany from which you can purchase medical cannabis products:

1. Etain – Albany

Etain’s Albany dispensary is located at 402 North Pearl Street. They offer three major brands of cannabis: Dolce, a high-CBD formulation with only trace THC; Balance has equal amounts THC-CBD; and Forte is Etain’s high-THC brand. Etain offers a discount program to patients that functions as a loyalty program of sorts for patients who purchase medical marijuana frequently or in bulk.

2. PharmaCannis – Albany

PharmaCannis’ Albany location is at 10 Executive Park Drive. PharmaCannis You cannot preview their products online, but you can follow them on Facebook for extra information on them like events or specials they may be running. PharmaCannis also has a blog that is a wonderful source for all things cannabis including culture, health and wellness, and news.

3. Vireo – Albany

Located at 38 Fuller Road in Albany, Vireo was the first New York RO to be approved for MMJ home deliveries. You can order their products online from any of their five brands which are cleverly color-coded. You will have to come in to the dispensary for a consultation with a pharmacist prior to ordering.

Places to See While Medicated

Now that we have covered all the bases on how to get a MMJ card, let’s take a moment to discuss a few great places you could visit in Albany while elevated.

  • Washington Park is a great place to enjoy your blissful state. Not only does it host beautiful flowers, rolling hills, and rustic benches, but musicians will give you a lovely soundtrack to your day while you’re there. If you visit in May, you can catch the Tulip Festival. Warm weather months, July and August, bring free musical theater and around the holidays, the park is filled with lights.
  • The Albany Institute of History and Art houses eclectic collections and exhibits. Always interesting, alter your mind as well as your senses by checking out their current Egyptian exhibition, complete with a real mummy. Check out the impressive collection of American sculptures and see if you can stare them down in a staring contest. The Crisan Café on site will also take care of your munchies.
  • If you your case of the giggles is kicking in, head to the Funny Bone where you’ll be in good company. The comedians are hilarious and while the food is rated as just “ok,” they are conveniently located in the Crossgates Mall so you can grab some chow before you go. Keep an eye on their Facebook page as they often offer free tickets!

Fun Facts About the City

  1. It’s the capital of New York, not New York City.
  2. Albany has been known as both “the fireplace of the Mohican Nation” and “Beverwijck” which means “beaver district” in Dutch.
  3. Santa Claus (the American version) originated in Albany.
  4. Albany is responsible for your Charmin! Perforated toilet-tissue was invented in Albany.
  5. Herman Melville, author ofMoby Dick, grew up in Albany.